Friday Night Out to Cowboy Broncos with Boyfriend and 12 year old son…

We decided to go to Cowboy Broncos even though I’d heard mixed reviews. Ranging from a 1 star to a 5 star.   It looked enticing for all of us from the outside with the pictures of the Wild West.

The new establishment on London Road in Grantham has taken over from what was once a classy Indian restaurant. The décor previously had been what can be described as flamboyant, possibly a little camp and maybe a bit too up market for the town to continue trading.

As we walked in to the main foyer we were not greeted at the reception desk so we continued up the stairs to what I have to say gave mixed messages. It was still clean cut and looked immaculate. The ceiling, the chandeliers and the floor gave the traces of what the restaurant once was and if it wasn’t for the bar which had a wood effect surface or the one cart wheel that adorned the wall there were other traces of the Wild West which was disappointing. We were shown to our table and waited for the menu. The sound of Cotton Eyed Joe blared around the room.

For a Friday night it wasn’t busy. A couple sat in the centre of the room at a table and a family sat in the corner. Looking at the menu we quickly decided upon our food. Deciding to go for three courses. The waitress that took the order was friendly and very polite. She asked what drinks we would like. Both my son and boyfriend had soft drinks but as I wasn’t driving and it had felt like a long week I decided to have a glass of wine. “Medium or large?” asked the waitress before I could answer my boyfriend chirped up “She’ll definitely go for large!” As I sat sipping the wine and listening to the outburst of “Cotton Eyed Joe”, I felt that perhaps I should be drinking a bottle of beer and really setting the scene, especially when the waitress came over with cowboy hats for us all to wear while we ate our meal. She would have taken a picture except between the three of us we didn’t have a camera. The starters were a good choice, my son and I opted for deep fried prawns with chilli dipping sauce while Steven opted for loaded potato skins with cheese and bacon. No complaints at this point. It wasn’t long before that was taken away and the main course was served. Two steaks with onion rings, one with chips and one with a jacket potato, no butter with the jacket potato and a chicken breast with chips and salad. The portions were large and the food yet again was tasty. At this point I was getting ready for another drink and I noticed that they had alcoholic milkshakes on the menu. “I would like to try one please.” The waitress was quite entertaining as she did a little jig while telling me that I could “have a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” I was getting quite excited as I thought that it was going to be a great big milkshake especially for the price. The waitress gave us the dessert menu and I sat waiting for my drink. It was a long while before the drink came out and I joked to my boyfriend that maybe it was just powdered milkshake with a dash of Jack Daniels. When it came to the table that is exactly what it looked like! Before I’d had a chance to take a sip I was being asked if I liked it. I nodded enthusiastically feeling as though I immediately should down half of the glass. If the milkshakes was not disappointing enough the dessert was possibly even more so. Such small portions. My boyfriend’s dessert consisted of exactly five dessert spoons of Banoffee pie. My son opted for ice-cream while I had the Bailey’s sweet. Again this was disappointing as it was a shot of Bailey’s sat besides what was really a simple chocolate cake covered in squirty cream. By the time we got the bill we were having fun around the table. My boyfriend very much making my son laugh so much so that the waitress asked my son “is your dad being silly?” For anybody in this situation it can be embarrassing. We covered any embarrassment and didn’t explain as we have gotten used to those sort of assumptions and in a way it’s a huge compliment as we look to the outer world how we feel. Well connected.

The fun of the moment ceased as we looked at the bill. It was a little bit pricey for what we had actually eaten.

As we left Cowboy Broncos we’d had an enjoyable evening in the mixed messages restaurant. I never worked out whether it was a party place or classy establishment. The hats were fun, the food was good until the desserts, the milkshake wasn’t really worth shaking about and the music choice of the Wild West could have been a little more varied – there is only so much “Cotton Eyed Joe” that you can listen to. It wasn’t a bad night but I wouldn’t particularly rush back. However they are a new establishment and have lots of room for improvement so I wouldn’t say to not give it a try either.