The Bathroom Shelves
The Bathroom Shelves

We live in a ‘Want it now’ society, which is guilty of putting many into debt.  As a person that has suffered the effects of debt and had to start again from scratch. I had to make a decision. To continue with old habits or learn from mistakes.  I could either purchase what I couldn’t afford, go without and wallow in self-pity thinking that I couldn’t have anything nice again or do something about it. I chose the latter, I chose to be creative. I love the idea of using up resources that we have around us. I’ve found that in doing this that money is freed up for other areas.  It has been a challenge in thinking about whether there is a more cost-effective solution to a problem.

One of the first challenges had been that I needed some extra storage in my bathroom.  However, storage cupboards for bathrooms were too small for my needs and the larger storage solutions were too costly for my budget.  I managed to get hold of some fruit crates and I had seen others make useful shelves out of fruit crates.  I would like to share mine.

What I used:

Three fruit crates

Left over emulsion

Left over wallpaper

Wallpaper paste


Pasting brush

Measure tape


Wood glue

house pegs

How I made them:

I used wood glue to stick the shelves together and kept them in place with pegs.

Twenty Four hours later I was able to remove the pegs and emulsion the shelves.

Once the emulsion was dry I gave another coat of emulsion.

While waiting for the second coat to dry I measured the back of each fruit crate and transferred the dimensions onto the wallpaper.

I cut out three rectangles of wallpaper and pasted the wallpaper.

I then put the wallpaper inside each fruit crate to create a pretty back drop.

Using the pasting brush I was able to smooth out all creases and fit the wallpaper with ease.

The wallpaper that I used had been wallpaper that I had used on a feature wall in my bathroom and the paint had been paint that I had used on the painted walls so it all tied in.  Whenever people go into my bathroom they comment on how nice it looks and the shelves are practical for storing many bathroom items.

It was an easy project with minimal outlay and two years later the shelves are still there and looking good.