IMG_1023I haven’t written many blogs this year… in fact I’m not sure I’ve written any.   Possibly because it has been a highly chaotic year.  Therefore, it’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog, I have but life has had other priorities. Parenting teens is proving as challenging as ever and definitely a full time job and I also started tutoring.  Tutoring is a new challenge.  I have the knowledge but teacher training experience is occurring hands on, with the comfort that I have raised and continue to raise children and we have gone through a lot educationally together.  Never underestimate the power of parenting and the valuable skills you gain.

Chaos often means growth.  Problems arise and the only way is through them (something I’ve been telling my son this year). You know you’ve stopped growing when it levels out and things move slow and you get into a comfort zone.  In my mind that’s the time to try and go up a notch as it’s all too easy to sit back and stay in safety.  When really it could be the time to expand your wings and try for better.  I kind of guess it depends upon your level of ambition.

So if like me, you have taken the leap to a new challenge or challenges this year.  Either in romance, career, hobby, home etc…  Remember that reaching out and trying new things can result in failure which isn’t bad as it gives the chance to bottom out, learn and start again.  But they could result in a victory, whether it’s a small victory towards the big victory.

Today I’m celebrating a victory.  My first student has made a massive turn around.  Not just in subject knowledge but in perseverance and enjoyment of learning.  It makes me feel good to realise I’ve helped contribute towards encouraging somebody to keep going and not stop.  This is the first step to a positive spiral upwards and I’m elated with the result.

Private tutors can often get a hard time – we’re seen as assisting pushy parents.  But I’ve seen a different side.  I see it as being a parents support, support during times that often mean both parents have to work and can’t physically fit the time in to cover everything.  There are not enough hours in the day.  I know that one too well.

Chaos means growth.  You’ve got to want better for yourself to get better for yourself.  I feel like I’m growing (gaining experience) into a good direction and that feels good.

Now back to my blogging and many writing projects.  Hopefully the start of getting it back because like I tell my students ‘You shouldn’t stop.’