1930873_26182604247_6957_nPositive people are annoying… Right???

They get up, make the best out of bad situations, have a smile on their face and give it their best shot.

Really annoying.  Especially if you want to be just like that and wonder how you can be just like that.

But why is it that while some people can shrug off life’s challenges as blessings in disguise?  Others view the same picture through a foggy lens?

The foggy lensed person is thinking how things could be better while the other is focussing on how it could be much worse.

Perceiving how life is tough and most of the time there is truth in it.  But here’s the truth, nobody has a perfect life.  But when a person is having a rough time they may sit and compare their life to somebody else’s.  Positivity is annoying, especially when you’re experiencing a rough time. Instead of being inspired, the resentment and self-loathing kicks in.  People are human it’s natural and a lot of the time we all want what somebody else has without thinking what we have ourselves. We forget that the moment in our life is just that.  It’s a moment and things can change.  The negative thought processes then leads to gossiping, belittling what others have worked hard for or achieved. Negative actions because we don’t believe we can do it our self.

The negative, self harming thoughts that turn into negative actions are wasted emotions that block the positive energy channels from filtering through to your own life. Then indeed, we don’t get because we don’t believe.

We don’t get or attract what we want, we get and attract what we are.

But like I’ve said, we’re all human, it wouldn’t be natural to have negative emotions from time to time.  It’s natural.  What we can do is work on that negativity to turn it positive and turn our lives around.

None of us are hopeless cases.

Everybody deserves happiness and inner peace.  It’s a feeling that’s the best in the world. If you’ve been living with a black and dark cloud around you, here are some pointers to start lifting that cloud and bring a bit more sunshine back in your life:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Often we’re just a bunch of competitive souls and if we feel we’re not measuring up then we begin to doubt ourselves and become fearful.  Remember  you’re brilliant just as you are.  Social media can be to blame for this.  People posting pictures or sharing sections of their lives.  Always remember that is just  section of their life and their perception and that is fine. In actual fact they’re doing what social media is designed for.  Switch your perception too and you’ll have no need to compare.
  • Take time to be quiet.  Very difficult in the modern world where we are taught to multi-task to the max.  But taking time for yourself, whether it’s walking, sitting down and staring into space, pottering around a town centre on your own, walking your dog, gardening or any hobbies that allow you to drift off.  They’re good for you.  Sometimes we’re too busy for our own good.  Switch off your busyness (if you can, I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past) it’s at those switch off moments that potential solutions to your problems can come to you. Otherwise, the negative alternative are those sleepless nights when you’re churning everything around in your mind.
  • Explore and question any self limiting beliefs that you may have about yourself.  Society conditions many to think a certain way – not that way then once again, you’re less than perfect.  And with that in mind, we can be tough on ourselves, turning ourselves into our own worst enemy.  Not taking the time to really ‘love yourself’  Question, what if those thought processes are holding you back.
  • Loving yourself is as important as loving somebody else.  Often we can give others good advice on how to take care of themselves and be gentle with themselves.  We put ourselves on the back burner.  Speak to yourself like you’d speak to somebody else.
  • Keep a personal journal to write those thoughts out and be honest.  If you feel negative towards somebody or have found yourself with negative actions.  Write them down, it’s the first step to working out why you feel that way.  I can’t praise free writing enough, it’s like unburdening the soul.  You can burn the pages afterwards if you really want to ensure that nobody reads it.
  • Accepting some things you can’t control.  You can’t control another persons behaviour over you but you can control your behaviour over them.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  That doesn’t mean be a doormat.  But it means, should you really allow them to take away your inner peace, you’re bigger than that.  Keep doing your thing.
  • Similar with circumstances.  You can’t always control your current circumstances but you can change how you view them and work upon changing them.
  • Let go.  Forgive yourself and forgive those around you.  Forgiving others doesn’t mean you have to allow them into your life but it certainly gives you peace of mind.  And really, life’s too short to be holding grudges against anybody it hurts only one person and that’s yourself.  Forgive yourself too.  Everybody is learning and making mistakes.  But yesterdays mistakes shouldn’t define or label you or take you to your future.  Each day is a new beginning.
  • Have an attitude of gratitude.  So you might not have everything in your life right at this present moment.  But you’ll have something to be grateful for.  Remember just because you haven’t got something in your life now doesn’t mean you never will.  It is always the bigger picture.

The more you practise the art of positivity the more you’ll become aware of the negativity within your life and how to change it.  Remember you can’t change everything but you can always change how you think about it.  Choose an attitude of gratitude and watch it change.