Dear Mr Schofield,


I was always a fan of yours.  I remember running home from school to watch yourself and Gordon the Gopher.  You were fun, jolly, cheerful and always had a joke.  I loved you with brown hair, I thought you were so handsome.  Then I still loved you when you became a silver fox.

But it’s past tense.  Over the past year.  Yourself and Holly Willoughby have turned what was once a day time favourite into a new version of the Jeremy Kyle show…  Richard and Judy the nations favourite.  Judy was such a feminist and actually if she disagreed with Richard, she’d argue and set the record straight.  Compassion was there.  The lovely Denise the Agony Aunt – helping people with problems.  Helping people – help, what a lovely word when used and put into action.

I no longer watch your show.  I can’t stand the fakery of it or the fact that yourself and whoever is beside you acting as your puppet Gordon the Gopher, no longer sit and debate or give a fair story – nope, this is no longer the case.  Forgetting your privilege and forgetting your viewers.  The vast majority who will receive some sort of household benefit or if not at present might do in the future or might have done in the past.  The very people who without, you wouldn’t have a wage and you  would be sat in your underpants on benefits with your curtains closed.  You’re lucky and privileged and that is because of your audience so I think it’s time you showed a bit of respect to the people who got you there.

Like I say, I don’t watch the show.  But on waking today and feeling all positive about life and the future I then turned on my social media and you were there with your angry face!  What happened to you?  You were once so cheerful.

Deborah Hodge was in the spotlight and sat on your blue sofa in front of yourself and Davina.  Judging by her shell shocked face she got a grilling like she was being told off by a Head Teacher.  Why does your show do that?  If you want to pick on somebody when you have your back up (ie Davina) then I think it’s time you stuck somebody on the sofa with her to back her up.  From what I saw on the small clip, you did nothing but judge.

You judged an ex Teacher with four children.  She had to give up teaching which she did for many years and she gave up her profession because her partner had a break down and her children had suffered ill health.  Yet you sat on the sofa opposite her and you were angry and without compassion.

She spent benefits money on Christmas presents for her children, quite a substantial amount but actually you can’t judge, she’s paid into the system and is now in it for a good reason.

After yesterdays blog you will see that I personally don’t believe in ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ even at Christmas.  But anybody in their right mind can see that she’s trying to soften the blow to her family who were once wealthy.  I daresay as her partner has been in the Army and has left due to a breakdown that the money from benefits will more than likely have topped them up and it is their entitlement to have just that.  Just as it would be if you were to lose your job and what a great lesson that would be for you to learn.

I know I’m not the only person who disagrees with how you handled an ex Teacher and current Writer on your show.  I’ve read the hundreds of comments and people are not impressed.  I think you were looking through a lens that had obscured your view.  For a man on television you displayed lack of vision.

Making a mountain out of a molehill:

“You got your £10 Christmas bonus from your benefits and you bought two bottles of Prosecco with it, which you’re perfectly able to do.”

But then your voice it became angry as you quoted her words:

“So cheers to the tax payer for my Christmas gift…”

Most of us can see she would have said that in jest or in mocking the measly amount, she’s making the best out of a bad situation.  Let us remember, it’s not a good place to be what with austerity cuts which you never seem to discuss.  Your place of privilege seems to have removed your humour and you have forgotten, she’s been a tax payer and she’s working on being a tax payer again.  Yet you want to whinge about a £10 Christmas gift.  Twist the words that she’s proud to be on the benefits system.  Probably said because she realises the stigma out there.  I hope she gets something good from her experience on your show and as she’s a Writer, comes back at you in years to come, sits on your couch, less shell shocked and more prepared…  And talks about her successes and how her struggles, adversity and time on benefits made her and her family strong in their time in need.  Because that’s what the system is about.  Putting in when you can and taking out when you need, then putting back in when you can.

Perhaps you’d like to trade places with Deborah for say six months – see how you get on.

Yours sincerely

Resourceful Shelly

ps once upon a time I’d have ended with a kiss.