15621657_1803187323231460_4337851962698204881_nI like many others get this image of Christmas perfection.  Home baked goodies, Christmas cards out early and presents wrapped.  Thoughts of Christmas eve chilling out, feet up, watching tv, enjoying all of the hard work.  For me it never happens.  Though I have made Sloe Gin this year.  I’m normally wrapping presents Christmas Eve.  And as for the baking I try, I try very hard. If God loves a trier then God will love me!  I get a picture in my head of perfectly baked mince pies or cakes with perfect little swirls on the top – Instagram and Pinterest worthy.  But they never turn out like the cakes on blasted Instagram. I’d like to blame my difficult kitchen but I guess ‘a poor workman blames his tools’ But I’m an ambitious girl.  Not deterred by the birthday cakes I’ve attempted this year.  It started with my sons cake, 13226940_1716666578550202_5605386369255904797_nthen I decided to make a birthday cake for my boyfriends daughter, then I had to make one for my oldest son and now just my daughter to go before I make the decision as to whether to go back to shop bought.  The faff and the mess that I create each and every time, followed by exhaustion and a patient boyfriend who comes in to the house, just as I’m questioning my sanity in attempting to bake cakes – he’ll kindly come in and start cleaning up the mess…

So I spoke to the company ‘My Cake Toppers’ specialists in Cake Toppers.  Pre-printed designs available or you can design your own which are perfect for businesses or charity events.  They very kindly sent me some Cake Toppers.  15590355_1803187416564784_7859927405278688042_n

I opted for a Christmas design and I was delighted when they arrived.  So colourful and I set to work with my plans of creating Orange and Cranberry Muffins topped with a Cinnamon.  The sponge themselves, they were perfectly fine.  But by the time I came to ice the cakes it was dark and I’ve had problems with my kitchen tube light so I attempted to ice them in the dark.  I wasn’t patient enough to wait until the next day.

First mistake… I used Chinese Five Spice instead of Cinnamon! This has had my partner laughing for a week and he did tell the tale to his work mates who still insisted that they would eat them! Well there is only a shade difference between the spices… But not only did I stick the wrong spice into the icing, I also stuck quite an amount of it in too.

I managed to blob the icing onto the perfectly fine cakes, feeling slightly irritated that once again they didn’t resemble anything that I’ve ever seen on Instagram.  How do they do it?  I need the secret.  But I shrugged, I’m a beginner, I told myself.  You don’t need to be an expert to use Cake Toppers.  Or do you?

Second mistake…

The Cake Toppers had arrived in perfect condition.  I thought how much nicer they would be than using say… Chocolate Buttons.  Surely their decorative appearance can improve any less than perfect iced cakes?  You can be a beginner and use Cake Toppers!  Well I thought so but it proved to be wrong.  You see I’d left the cake toppers at room condition for a couple of days so peeling them off proved disastrous, they just wouldn’t peel off.  Realising that maybe it was the room temperature, keeping them stuck to the sheet of paper.  I thought maybe putting them in the freezer might harden them off.  But before I did that I decided to go on Mumsnet… Mumsnet have advice for everything and sure enough there was advice.  Stick them in the oven to harden.  So I did it.

Big mistake…



The paper was of the plastic sort and I ended up with a  shrivelled up mess… Another tale for my boyfriend to delight in. Thanks Mumsnet…  My boyfriend now thinks I’m Bridget Jones the second! Sure enough the cake toppers which had survived did peel off easy enough.  Thankfully ‘My Cake Toppers’ had been generous and sent me several sheets so I stuck those sheets in the  freezer for 10 mins and they peeled off with ease.

So never one to give in and to show the cake toppers I continued with the Chinese Five Spice iced cakes – they were terrible!  But the Cake Toppers – very pretty.


There is still time to order yours for your Christmas Baking.  Who eats Mince Pies anyway?

Pretty Cake Toppers from mycaketoppers.co.uk

My partner said that for Christmas he is going to buy me baking equipment so that I don’t become deterred.  I think he secretly likes me covered in icing sugar.. Which brings me onto my next blog post.  A review about a book called ‘The Elephant in the Mirror’

Hopefully once I’m through my abundance of wrapping and organising.  I can start working on plans and goals for 2017 and this is the book to offer guidance.  To get the most out of what you want out of life and to step out of your comfort zone.  Even if it means potential fail.