Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire.  The birth place of the countries most influential scientist in history.

My family are divided.  We have the mathematician/scientist and then the artists amongst us.  It’s never dull as we have a wide variety of topics to discuss.  My eldest son being the scientist and mathematician.  The rest of us venturing the line of the arts.

Therefore a perfect day out for us which combines the lot was Woolsthorpe Manor.  My eldest son could talk about the influential scientist Isaac Newton and his works, how he discovered the laws of  gravitation and motion.  Also, my sons got to visit the birthplace of a man in history who attended the Grammar school that they attend.


They all got to play games in the science museum where we learned a little about about prisms, white light and rainbows.  We learned how he discovered the first reflecting telescope.  My sons know this stuff but it was good to share with the girls.

For the rest of us.  Well mainly me and the girls (we’re certainly not a family that shatters the gender stereo type in that department) Science and mathematics were subjects that I found difficult to grasp.  Though I did enjoy playing the indoor scientific games.  Think my partner enjoyed the outdoor Jenga the best. 14732342_1776360992580760_158418850741058207_nFor me I have a love of history and enjoyment of people who lived before us.  All of us in the family very much enjoy history.  So it didn’t really matter about the subject as much.   As I said previous, something for everybody.

What was fascinating was that we were all walking the grounds where a historical great had grown up.14729382_1776360662580793_4515786217953780500_n And a place that has pulled other Scientists such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking to visit too.  It was a pleasure to walk around the beautiful, warm and welcoming Manor House and use the imagination.  To stand in his parents bedroom and see his actual birth place.


To go into his bedroom and see where he spent time working.  To read the facts and listen to the tour guides explain aspects of his character.  Learning of his many fist fights and that actually he struggled with school work for a long time and that he was a late developer educationally.  A late developer who went on to become a genius.  Made me think about the current education system and how we push children on so quickly without giving them the chance to find their footing…


But the real pleasure was to see the apple tree in the apple orchard.  A 400 year old apple tree, the very tree that Isaac Newton sat under when the apple dropped beside him and made him start to think about gravity.  400 years, weighted down and heavy, propped up with wooden support.  Very impressive that it’s still producing apples.  Apples that can be bought in the gift shop.

We didn’t buy the apples from the tree itself as the staff needed to go out and pick a fresh batch.  We picked up some cooking apples that came off a tree from others in the orchard.  I’ll be making an apple chutney with them.  No doubt I’ll blog the recipe.


Woolsthorpe Manor a lovely day out whether your subject is Physics, Maths or not.  Brilliant for History fans, nice this time of year for fans of the simple life – apples, trees and fresh country air.

A lovely gift shop and slightly pricey coffee shop.  We’ll be going back to take in a bit more of the information and to buy apples from the actual Isaac Newton tree.

A relaxing couple of hours out and home to a rainbow.  Not just one but a double rainbow.  Felt a bit like a poignant moment.  Excellent end to the day.