IMG_1553Most of us have seen the picture of Madonna plastered all over social media and throughout the tabloids.  Most of us will have seen the abundance of negative comments coverage and comments.  No doubt most of us have an opinion of some sort.

“She shouldn’t be doing it. She’s 57.”  “Put them away Madge.”  “We don’t really want to see it.”  “She’s attention seeking.”

Firstly. She’s Madonna and yes she’s 57 – she doesn’t hide her age.    Her toy boy lovers show that she’s not scared of it or slightly intimidated.  She can comfortably be the older person in a relationship.  Madonna is known for her boundary breaking.  Always has broken down boundaries and always will do.  It’s therefore not surprising that at 57 and with coverage that she’s had over the decades that right now she’s going to explore the taboo subject of women and ageing.  Something that stars such as JK Rowling have stood up for her with in the past.

I don’t know about you but I hear about the subject all of the time.  “It’s much harder to get a job as a female once you’re over forty.” “Women of a certain age should not wear short skirts.” “Women shouldn’t have long hair once they’re past thirty.”

Women should basically give up, lose their personality, destroy their soul and conform to what is seen as socially acceptable.  Socially acceptable and backward.

Not only does Madonna break down the ageing boundary but she breaks down the taboo subject of women ageing and their sexuality.  I’ve spoken to many ladies who have told me that fifty is a difficult age for women.  An age when they start to feel invisible.  Therefore I’m surprised at the amount of negativity.  Madonna’s antics this week have definitely not shown a woman in her fifties as invisible.  She’s been far from invisible.  She’s stood there loud and proud, boobs , bum, thighs on full display.  Brave and strong as a warrior.

Not because this is an outfit that she wants to wear for everyday.  But because this is an outfit that says something more than the actual outfit itself.

And she’s not backed down to the criticism.  As she boldly confesses that she’s done it as a political statement.  An intelligent woman she would have known that the outfit would have caused a stir and it has.  It has proven the very point that she wanted to prove.  We are an ageist and sexist society.  The comments down right degrading to a performing legend and women in general.

While no doubt people will have scrutinised her body from top to toe nobody would have been able to pick fault with her toned and tight figure which as we’ve seen over the decades has been achieved through exercise regimes that have worn many a body guard out.  No doubt I would imagine her plentiful sex life has contributed.  So instead the only fault to be picked on is ‘age’ and the fact she’s a woman, a strong and powerful woman with the attitude that is acceptable in men but not in women.  Does anybody say that Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzeneggar should put their toned and honed physically fit bodies away? Or do they admire them?   This to me that shows the prejudices and fears of many.  The dislike of strong women.  The dislike of a woman with a body just like Madonna.

She’s Madonna.  She doesn’t need to do a Kardashian and try and seek attention.  She’s not in the beginning stages of a career.  She certainly doesn’t need the money.  She knew exactly what she wanted decades ago and she got all of that.  Whatever Madonna does she will get attention because she’s Madonna.  From washing her car with her small children, to her gruelling exercise regimes, her highly active sex life and latest toy boy lover.  Madonna has never backed down and would we really want her to? If she did what society tells her to do and she conforms she will be nothing short of dull and defeated.  She is ahead of her time and one day we will look back and thank Madonna for yet again breaking another boundary.  She is not saying dress like me or even look like me.  She’s taking a stand for women everywhere.  For young women who will one day be older and for older women everywhere. We just can’t see it yet.  It takes a while for people to cotton on.  It’s new and it’s something we’ve never seen before.

I’ve grown up with Madonna.  I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t in the spotlight.  Age 9 listening to her latest records.  I shared a bedroom with much older sisters.  There was no way I was going to get away with not listening to Madonna.

Early teens listening to her sexualised tunes ‘Hanky Panky’ wondering what the fuss was about with ‘Like a prayer’ and ‘Papa don’t preach.’  Watched her films with her poor acting.  Poor acting or not, she’s a woman who displays a fearless attitude that as a woman I completely admire.  She’s going to do what she wants and nobody is going to stop her.

I’ve watched her constant keep up with the times.  From her thirties, to her forties to her fifties and no doubt she’ll reign through her sixties.  A complete mix of sexual hedonism, creative talent, outspoken behaviour and downright ambition.  There is no doubt that she was and will remain the original girl power.  Girl power that was invented well before the Spice Girls and has clearly outlasted them.

Now what we have is a woman who is not just showing girl power.  She’s showing the sexuality and pull of a female in her fifties. She has said in the past that there comes a point when a woman will choose her body or her face and she will always choose her body, her body is important to her. Her physique certainly doesn’t gross me out.  In fact, quite the opposite she inspires me to get out there to exercise more.  Also, she makes me think fabulous.  Sex appeal can be achieved as you head towards sixty.  Something that is needed as even Hollywood are slated for not having enough older sexy women.  Madonna is a performer, we don’t need to copy or even emulate her but what we can take away is her lesson  that is showing nothing short of Woman Power.

We loved Tina Turner rocking in her mini skirts at sixty.  We therefore should love Madonna if she’s still wearing leotards at sixty.

Image captured from yesterdays New Day Newpaper.  They fold today after 50 Episodes of their paper.  An entirely different blog in the making.