FullSizeRenderRadishes… Always affordable.  This week they are even more so at just 29p (you can use a penny jar to fund a pack) available in Lidl.

A member of the cruciferous family, they are very low in calories and therefore they make an excellent snack for those who are slimming.  They also add the same zing as a dusting of pepper in a sandwich.

Not only are they a powerful wake up taste but they are a useful source of vitamin C which helps with the formation of fresh collagen in the skin.

My boyfriends daughter had a nasty accident at school, which produced a deep cut near her eye.  The hospital informed him that scarring would occur but to help prevent the scar from being too deep.  They made a number of suggestions.  One being drink lots of water and the other to eat radishes within moderation.

I’m a big believer in adding colour to food as I think on a whole the British diet can be seen as a whole lot of beige.  I love to see a red colour intermingled with a green salad.

It has been a busy week with my family, a teen who needs revision motivation, choices and disputes with a school over my other teens GCSE options for September and my lively tween who is preparing for SATs and enjoying a hectic social life. My own complexion is feeling grey.  So tonight I popped to Lidl to pick up a few salad bits including the bargain radishes.  They also have the salad onions on offer too at just 29p another bright splash of colour.

If like me you want a quick pep up of collagen boosting fuel and love the stronger tasting salad.  Don’t miss this weeks best buy.  Your skin will thank you.