To take us through to the weekend…

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Many of my friends are flagging at the moment. It’s March, it’s spring, it’s possibly gloomy weather in your area, you’re working hard in your days jobs and feeling like you’re treading water (I know that feeling well), juggling family, friendships or just the daily difficulties of life. Either that or maybe World Book Day has taken it’s toll.  Chances are the tiredness has set in from making costumes all night long.

I confess I cheated and bought, I find by the time the materials are bought that it’s cheaper to actually buy, although you really can’t beat the creativity and effort of a home-made.  My daughter is Matilda today even though I would have preferred her to be my childhood book idol – Mary Poppin’s.  But hey ho, it’s her book day and not mine!  I had the costume in hand and bought for Matilda, but the only thing that we were lacking was the red ribbon. We got a book and a newt but no red ribbon.  I just assumed a Matilda costume would have a red ribbon.

So on my way home from work yesterday, I knew that I had to buy a red ribbon.  I spotted some lovely daffodils in a local florist at just 85p a bunch.  I love receiving, buying for myself, my friends or my daughter or planting flowers.  They’re a great mood changer.  A lovely simple bunch of daffs brightens a room, they are inexpensive and open up quickly.  I also adore how when you go into a florist and buy something really simple like a bunch of daffs and the florist carefully wraps them in lovely wrapping paper to be taken home.  I also bought my meter of red ribbon.

I also knew that I was in several magazines this week so I popped into WH Smith to check out where I had been published.  That was fun.  I was telling a lady about it, she looked at me with a blank expression and said,

“Why don’t you try and be a writer?”

I smiled and thought about my efforts over the years, the odd publishing, the starting up a Creative Writing group, the Nano Wrimo novel in a month projects, the messy and masses of stories in paperwork format in my living room, the uncompleted novels, the Creative Writing Diploma, the blog and the Honours Degree in English Literature and I’ve just been asked why I don’t try and be a Writer???

So popping into WH Smith took me to look at the books.  Oh man when you love buying books like I do, that shop depresses me so much.  There are so many good ones out there at the moment.  So many books, not enough money and definitely not enough time to devour them all.  I reminded myself of all of the ones that I have at home at the moment and the one that I’m finishing ready to review.

Did I walk out with no books?  No, it’s an impossibility for me to walk out without books or magazines.  But these were only £1 each.  Two fabulous quick reads.  I love a quick read, they are fantastic for busy mothers/fathers or individuals or when you want to get something read to feel like you’ve accomplished something.  We all know that time is of the essence for most people.  I’ll keep you updated with how I get on with these two.

I then spotted the 50p clearance bin.  2015/2016 Diaries at just 50p each, nice large and spacious, hardback ones… Ok so they are getting out of date as they only go to June 2016.  But if you are like me and you write, just want a notebook either for yourself or for somebody else.  They are perfect, paper is paper.  I have an idea that I would like to use the A4 as a way of constructing a Diary type novel.  We shall see how that one works out.

Best cheerful buys that are taking me through to the weekend.  Simple pleasures – again, all under a fiver!