12729358_1683138918569635_1233278504273858465_nValentine’s day – the created day to encourage consumerism by the masses… Most of us know that and while many couples stick rigidly to not celebrating many of us just ‘love love!’

Most of us know that it’s a day to stick pressure on people who are single!  It can be perceived as a day for gloating couples everywhere seemingly enjoying the consumerism day.   Singles who are getting an abundance of cards and letters from admirers and those who feel the pressure because they are not.  For those who have felt the pressure and ‘love love’ your day will come and you can rejoice in the fact that 2016 Valentine’s day is over – next year is your year!!!

In my household we fall in the ‘love love’ category.

My daughter walked into the living room with a face as red as the envelope that she was carrying.  She’s eleven and she got a Valentine’s card.  It doesn’t surprise me as she’s had cards every year from admirers since she was three – she’s always had a bit of character.  It has always made me chuckle – part of me thinks that children are too young to be having boyfriends and girlfriends, then the other part of me finds it cute.  This year I held the chuckle in because of her embarrassment.  A sign of her growing up.

As for myself this year.  I thought about the consumerism side of Valentine’s day and I said to my boyfriend.

“Can we do something different this year?”

“What have you got in mind?” He asked.

“Can we write each other letters?  No fancy cards, balloons, teddy bears or anything from the shops.  All I’d like is a letter.”

So that’s what we did.  We wrote each other letters and my boyfriend wrote me a poem.  I now think that we will do this every year.  Cards and their verses are already created for you, you just spend money.  Whereas a letter is a different matter.  They take thought and the words take on a meaning.  They are a chance to truly express yourself.  I feel that they are treasures to keep and much more romantic than a card.  Plus we all know that the art of letter writing is on the decline.  It’s also a part of the wooing stage in relationship that once existed that has now been replaced by text messages.  Technology is taking over and we are losing something very special. This is definitely a subject that I want to look at further.


We ‘love love’ in this house.  We show it every day.  A day doesn’t go by when  I don’t tell my children that I love them or my partner doesn’t tell me that he loves me or I him.  Don’t get me wrong, we face problems like everybody but we’re all strong like a rock.  We are definitely a ‘sicky’ couple.  But I make no apologies.  And for that reason, because I know love is in this house all year round, I don’t feel guilty for celebrating the day to encourage consumerism. To be honest, love is a positive action and it seems that it’s a positive action that many do fear.  So is it really such a bad day?  It’s a day of appreciation which yes should happen all year but sometimes in this fast paced world people need to be reminded.  There is nothing up with a bit of romance to do that – you don’t actually need to spend – you can use effort.  Effort over consumerism any day.


As for the letters.  I didn’t just get letters.  I got chocolates, flowers, wine, fancy love heart glasses and taken for a posh Valentine’s meal which yes they hiked the prices up – that’s consumerism.  I was spoilt but all I wanted was a letter.  And I also got my back garden outhouse cleared.  I’m lucky and I’m blessed.  I now feel that I’d like to write letters every month.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring back the art of letter writing?  Do you and your partner regularly write each other letters?  Do you love Valentine’s or are you glad it’s all over?