FullSizeRender (1).jpgWhile walking home from work I learned an interesting fact.

The best month to peruse a charity shop is January February, they are inundated with unwanted Christmas goodies.  I got the information from the staff – apparently it happens every year.  I learned this while taking a walk through town on my way home from work.  I took a detour and wandered into a few charity shops.  I had no intention of spending money.  But I came out with:

A couple of brand new make up sets for £2.50 each.  We all know how expensive makeup is and they were too good to leave.  Particularly when I’m not the only female in the house.  My daughter adores playing with make-up and is a fan of pinching mine.

2 Boots Natural Selection Shower Gels and Body Lotions at just £2.  All brand new and unopened.

2 packs of four travel products at just 75p a set.  I was chuffed with these as my daughter has another trip away planned and the products will be lovely for her to take.

2 boxed Royal Jelly Gift sets.  Completely unopened at £3.00 each.  I always find that there is a gift to buy for somebody and it’s nice to have a stock for when it happens.

After reading today’s Daily Mail and reading about the elderly lady and her frugal living style. I felt that my charity shopping was of the frugal nature.  Ok, it’s not quite making a bottle of washing up liquid last a year but it’s certainly allowing luxury products at a low cost.  I really like making my money go further so I’m very happy with my purchases.

Maybe next year in January or February, I’ll take a trip to a more affluent area to see exactly what bargains I can find.

Have you bought anything frugal from the charity shop this month?  If not, it might not be too late to go and take a look.