FullSizeRenderFinally free day!

I thought to myself while applying an extra bright pink lipstick.  It was grey skies, dismal and the wind could be heard howling around the outside of the house.  Bright pink lipstick and lilac nail polish.  That’s enough to turn any bleak February day into a bright spring day.

Bright pink lipstick and I was staying in.


It’s psychological with me.  I tend to think put on something pretty, do the hair and apply lipstick and I’ll get more done.  Even if I’m just planning on sitting in the house, doing a bit of writing.  I feel more motivated.

Free day!  Not just a free day but a long stretched out free day…

All kids at school and they’re all out for tea.  That meant nine glorious hours of pottering around the house on my own without interruption.  Just catering to my own needs, maybe making a few phone calls.  Perhaps taking a break to put the food shop away once it had been delivered.  Perhaps that was the reason I was putting on my bright pink lipstick.

However, before I managed to sweep the last wipe of lipstick.  My phone rang.

“Miss McGrath, your son is in the school office.  He’s been sick three times on the way to school.”

Another soldier has fallen.  I thought to myself.  The eldest has been off school sick for three days so I should have expected it.

“I’ve got no car to come and pick him up, everybody I know is at work and I have nobody to help me.  He didn’t tell me that he was sick.”  I explained.  I also thought how bizarre that he actually went to school feeling ill.  There must have been a lesson that he didn’t want to miss.

“Well if you give verbal permission, we can send him home, normally we like to have a parent or relative come and pick them up.”

Ummmm.  I stood and thought about it.

“Nope, I will come and pick him up, It’s a two mile walk home for him, but I’m going to have to walk down as I’ve no money in my purse and I live in a village so there is no cash point.”

So that was agreed and the first thing that entered my head before leaving the house to pick my son up.

I must take a plastic bag for him to throw up in.

I also felt very grateful that I was all dressed and motivated.  But it did throw out my long stretched day.  But that does seem to be how it goes.

So that’s what I did.  I took a plastic bag for on our trip home (we got the bus).  Just in case.

What is the first thing that would enter your head to take with you when picking up a poorly teenager and you have not got the luxury of a car to rely upon?