2015 was fun – 2016 we’re at that stage in between change…

After a very fun 2015 of which we created some amazing memories but chaos resumed in the home.  It appears from many mum blogs that you just can’t seem to get both, unless you have lots of money to get paid support or a huge helpful family with plenty of spare time on their hands.  I have neither.  I remember walking around it at one point in October and sitting down and putting my head in my hands.  The boys room, an absolute tip, pringles boxes, chocolate wrappers, over full bins, shoes and clothes thrown all around – in desperate need of a new carpet to compliment the wallpaper that I’d hung a couple of years earlier on New Years Eve Night.  Yes, while everybody else was chilling with their families or going out to parties.  I was hanging wallpaper while texting my boyfriend who was a fairly new boyfriend at the time.  He was at home looking after his young daughter.  At the time we’d been seeing each other around six months but we hadn’t met each others children.  I am a firm believer in the saying, slow and steady wins the race.

The Boudoir…

My bedroom, overcrowded, far too many clothes from my charity shopping expeditions, old junk jewellery slung on the dresser, too much dust and far too messy.  Some days as a single parent it’s a case of just literally collapsing into bed, exhaustion can just encase your body until you’re laying out like a corpse.  That has happened to me so many times.  Rush around the house, deal with day to day activities, prioritise and then collapse. My bedroom is the last to enjoy a spruce around.  And at times fun and memories can be exhausting.  Somebody has to organise and motivate everybody.

The Princesses bedroom…

My daughters bedroom looked like a science laboratory with all her lotions and potions strewn all over the floor, splodges of talc on her bright pink carpet.  The landing should be empty but oh no ours had hairdryers, straighteners, make up and hair products.  It’s where I sit in the morning to get myself prepared for work so really my excuse is I’m getting ready, then shooting out of the door.

The living room, kitchen and bathroom were all equally bad, ironing built up.

My viewpoint compared to the man in my life…


When my boyfriend reads this, he will probably think I’m exaggerating.  To him, it’s a home not a show home.  He believes that I work, look after and feed a family so all of that will get messy and like me he believes in having a life and children being happy.  He’s forever saying, “don’t worry, I was raised like that.  It’s just a house.  I love coming to your home as you never know what you’re going to find.  It’s like a little chocolate shop, full of bizarre goodies.” But sometimes to us mums we just want a bit of order and for me, I’d moved into my house three years ago, boyfriendless with younger children.  I saw my home as a fresh start a time to start getting my life sorted at the base.

The Past…


Three years on, I look back and yes I did decorate and learn new skills on a very tight budget. As a family my children bonded and we had great fun.   Skills that will stay with me forever – it has been great character building.1471290_10152081936354248_682390076_n  And the other day I looked back at all of the photo’s I took from the very beginning and how much younger my children looked at the beginning of it all.  I can’t believe how far we’ve come from those early days.  But really things like my kitchen are getting ready to be decorated again.  But after being with my boyfriend for two and half years we’re thinking that really we need to be working towards merging our families. My son’s are getting older, they need their own space.  We need a home that will house four teenagers who are close in ages, in the near future, four teenagers is going to be challenging and possibly more challenging than three under fives – they’re really clever kids and our circumstances have changed.  All of my children are with me full full time.  I am soul parent, therefore there is no time to recharge in a house that we all at times feel like we’re living on top of each other.  This will have to mean saying goodbye to my little house and going forward into the future.  We need to get our selves in action mode, saving mode to do just that and we know it’s not going to happen over night but when the time is right it will.  Till then we don’t dwell.

The Future…


I just recognise that spending money on the house would be a waste of money so I’m going to have to put up with the kitchen that definitely needs a lick of paint. My boys carpet and the fact I wanted to buy them new bedroom furniture.  No point as the plan is to get them new furniture in new bedrooms of which they should have one each.

The Present…

However, there has been plenty of other ways that I’ve been working on the base of organisation ready for a gigantic spring clean. I decided that I no longer want to be running around day to day living in a state of the here and now.  Plus just thoroughly cleaning our homes makes us feel better.  But it is all a big plan in process to get to that point.

Believe it or not it started with my work handbag.IMG_1238  I can not believe how much better life is with an organised handbag and spacious purse.  I walk out of the house in the morning knowing that I have my notebooks, diary and book that I’m currently reading, available for my lunch break.  And my purse means I’m no longer scrabbling around looking for loose change that I’ve thrown in my bag.

Then I got to work on my home office system. I took the time to throw out all old papers and get the paperwork in some sort of order.

The makeup, a massive clear out occurred with my makeup and toiletries, I then got organised with new plastic boxes and makeup bags.   Which meant that I now have a clear landing.

The ironing pile has massively improved.  The family rolled their sleeves up and got their bedroom sorted and so have I mine.  The problem is that we have needed to clear out all of our junk which means we now have a big pile in the corner of the garden ready for a  skip.

Remember, we’re all still recovering financially from Christmas but today – I ordered the skip.  19524_10153213133859248_5273800433039041991_nWhich has made me so happy as I’ve needed one for months now.  Knowing that for one full week I can get rid of the garbage and get on with one great big spring clean.  Happy days.  We’re getting there.  Besides which if we’re planning on moving again, it’s better to keep on top of that junk.  It’ll be better in the long run.