Lemon…. But I’m making lemonade…

We’re getting on for three weeks since I last wrote a blog.  And it’s frustrating.  Sometimes we want to do something so badly and then life takes over. More important issues take over and become priority.

Cars.  I give up with them.  Mine is off the road and likely to stay off the road.  It’s the scrap heap for my little Fiat Punto.  Aaaah well, I’ve taken to walking and actually I’ve learned the bus time table and I am coping quite well with it.

Poorly children.  Days off work when I’m supposed to be writing have turned into days of looking after poorly children.

Relationship.  It’s important to invest time into your relationship, it’s also much harder investing that time when you put four children into the equation.  And four very different children who all have very different needs that need to be met.  Off the other side I do have a very supportive partner who helps out in my house to help me free up time so that we can spend important time together.  He said to me tonight “Shelly, you have more talent in your little finger.  If I can help you more so that you get time then I will.  When I come round, just sit and write, I’m happy to sit watching TV until you’ve finished. This is about you freeing up a routine to suit you.”  Aaaaah I suppose in that sense there is no hold back in the relationship. 100% faith is always reassuring.

Parental guilt.  I know it’s not just me.  I talk to many ladies who come into work and say exactly the same.  Guilt about the time they’re spending pursuing their own work and the struggle with the work-life balance.

Then of course, let us just get through mornings, getting a brood out of the door on time is a challenge on the best of days “Mum, I need money for a trip.” The trip is next week.  “Mum, I’ve lost my PE kit.” I’m told this at five minutes before we’re supposed to be out of the door.  I know from my own experience and from talking to other mums that this little tribulations really do put a dampner on the day.  They go to school and forget about it within five minutes, we on the other hand are thinking about it all day.  We’re only human, we care and we love – so it stays on our mind.

Organisation.  When I do get free time, it’s spent organising. Organising and sorting out as much as my finances do permit.  In fairness, the organisation is coming along nicely around my home and fitting in plans with the children – then I neglect my writing.  Or by the time I start the writing, my brain is frazzled with everything else inside it.  But I’m telling myself, just write.  So I plan a few stories etc…

Off the other side of the frenetic activity, something is slowly starting to happen.  I have my first story ready to go onto Kindle and the story cover has been designed.  Plus I’ve finally had my blog accepted on Mumsnet. I’m over the moon.  Writing is the easy part, getting the work out there and seen is the difficult part.  It takes networking and it takes patience. I look forward to networking with other mothers and sharing and reading about their trials and tribulations.  I kind of feel ahead in the sense that two of my children are teenagers so I’ve experienced many stages of child rearing.

I’ve also been networking with an Agricultural Business Man for almost a year – however, my joy at the thought of possibly getting some work has fizzled as he is becoming a Priest and is studying Theology with Cambridge University.  Still I wish him luck.

And tonight, I’ve had an email from the Labour Party and been asked to give them a call as I might be able to help them with some brochure and flier write ups.  I have to admit it has spurred me on.

So when I’m feeling hard on myself.  Like most of us feel at times.  Tired, maybe emotional, I have to remind myself it’s all little steps in the right direction.  I’m looking forward to my time towards the end of this week to really get back on track.  But I shouldn’t speak too soon…