happy-new-year-confetti.jpgSo we’ve done it.  We’ve got through Christmas 2015. I hope it has been a good one for all.

In my household it has been a household of very lucky children with very amazing Christmas presents.  I pulled it off and all I can say is phew – it’s nearly pay day. And I’ve already started planning for Christmas 2016!!!! I’ve started to save through Park.  I did save up for this Christmas but I like the idea of earning a little bit of commission from my savings and I’m even contemplating becoming an agent.  Only small but just to give myself and the kids a little bonus at the time of year when you need it the most.

But I’ve now found that I’ve reached that mid-week slump.  The frenetic activity of Nativity plays, Carol Concerts, Christmas jumper days, parties, buying presents, wrapping presents, delivering presents, buying food and alcohol, playing Santa, cooking Christmas dinner, Christmas tea, Boxing day etc… Doesn’t it go on and on and on… Food, clear away, alcohol, food, clear away, alcohol and over flowing bins… The perils of a slightly larger than average family.  And yes there has been the odd family argument to contend with too – tut tut…

So it’s either another day on the sofa watching films or I can do something?  Something that doesn’t cost money. I’ve chosen to actually do something.  I’ve started my paperwork organisation.

I don’t have an office as such, just old fruit crate boxes.  One box for learning materials, another for household bills and general running of the home.  Another for family and personal documents and others for my writing materials.   At present it’s the best office I’m going to get.  The corner of my living room and a foldable lap top table.  But it works and over the years of studying and writing I’ve found that I’ve pretty much got on in a noisier environment.  I’ve been there with toddlers and study books open.  I think I like the noise.

But my boxes have got a little disorganised lately and I need to get them in order.  Start tidying the envelope files in each box.  Start working out the stories that I’m going to get sent out to magazines.  Start getting the pile together of old paperwork which can now be shredded.  Use my new 2016 Diary, start writing out my plans for a skip and pencil in when I’m going to paint the kitchen or start looking for a bigger house.  Start planning out the finances.  Our home really is like running an office at times.  And while I’m feeling this mid-week slump, wearing my jogging bottoms and old t-shirt, family still overdosing on chocolate but happy chatting to their friends and immersed in their own lives.  It’s time to stick a film on and plod through this lot.

Making plans, it seems to be a skill that I excel at.  It has been a great 2015.  The Graduation, the holiday, the days out with my family, time spent with my boyfriend, learning new skills.  And no doubt while I sort out this lot, clear some space in my head, ready to start a fresh and a new, I will start devising new plans.  I think my biggest on the list at present is to detoxify a bit – far too much alcohol and far too much rich and good food.

I think it will be a most excellent start to 2016…