IMG_1029While going through a very difficult period in life I joked that the thought of a week in a mental asylum sounded like a holiday.  Meals cooked, recreational activities, being taken care of instead of doing the taking care and of course the fun room – the padded cell complete with straight jacket.

Looking back it was a bit extreme.  I think I just needed a holiday.

However, for many of us parents we often ask ourselves the question.  When do we get time off?  Our jobs are 24/7.  If we do have time off, we plan it with military precision.  And as for a holiday.  A holiday alone is quite often the biggest luxury. Something most parents don’t get to do.

But there is an answer to this.  Whatever is good for your soul – do that. Even for a short while.  If you can’t have a holiday, try a mini break – even just for a day.

If you are looking for a relaxing day that will make you feel like you’ve had a holiday then Eden Health Spa in Nottinghamshire is for you.

“I’ve been invited to The Eden Health Spa…” I stood staring at my letter.

My boyfriends eyes lit up.

“You can book me a place on that…” He said.  He does enjoy a pamper.

If anybody works hard it is my boyfriend.  Up at 5 Monday – Friday in a stressful job that challenges him both mentally and physically. Home at tea time if he’s lucky.  Holiday days in a year – not enough for him. It’s his industry.  He works hard, very hard and naturally I worry for him.

A day at the Health Spa would be perfect for us.  Something different for us to try together, a new shared experience.  Bonding time.

So we bounced out of bed on the Sunday morning.  One whole day, no responsibilities, away from the house, away from the children, away from work – just the two of us.

For all of you mums and dads out there.  Are you imagining that thought?  If you are anything like me then every once in a while you will crave a level of solace.  A complete break away.

A short car journey from my home, we rolled up at the expansive green grounds with old, thick and rough trunked trees. FullSizeRender (5) For a moment I imagined my daughter and boyfriends daughter having an amazing time running across the fields with a  complete sense of freedom.  But I told myself to remove those thoughts from my head.  This was a child free day.  Time to spend as a couple.IMG_1023

The building to the Spa looked like a large historic – perhaps Edwardian (I can’t be too sure) Mansion.

The door to the entrance heavy – we walked in to what would be our surroundings for the day.  Our escape.  Our day retreat.

The reception area was immaculate and welcoming.  With equally welcoming staff who checked us in and gave us our instructions.  To walk through the changing rooms, prepare ourselves by putting on our white fluffy robes.

So that is what we did, we walked through the changing rooms – single sex of course.  Then walked to greet each other through the other side.  The transformation had begun.  From frazzled, overworked and over worried parents to what will soon be a blended family, to fluffy robed patients of what we joked as inmates to Eden Spa – the fluffy robes instead of straight jackets.  The aim of the day to recharge and recuperate our tired souls.

“Where do we start?”  I asked.

We started our day by visiting the large and luxurious conservatory5 that overlooked the grounds.  Light, bright, airy and warm.  Lots of comfortable sofa’s and newspapers with waitress service.  It was strange to see everybody sitting in dressing gowns.  But everybody was keeping to their own business as they enjoyed their time out.  We enjoyed coffees, crumpets and hot buttered toast with quaint pots of jam and were given complimentary hot chocolates.

Peace at last.  I could feel the anxiety that I normally feel in the pit of my stomach from day to day life, just melt away.

Fed and refreshed we pottered to the swimming area for a swim in the indoor pool which also led outdoors.  Although a bright day it was a little cold for swimming or paddling outside.  We then tried the numerous saunas and steam rooms, including herbal steam rooms and tropical rain and for the brave a cold bucket of water.  I gave that a miss.  Before sitting in the hot tubs located in the garden area.

I quickly cottoned on that we can all be split into two categories when visiting a Health Spa.  There are those who are fitness fanatics, there for a detox and to use the gym, the exercise room before eating and drinking healthy food, maybe having some treatments and relaxing for the day.  Then there were those like my boyfriend and myself.  We were there to purely indulge in relaxation.  Cake was definitely on our menu.  As one lady who was in the Hot Tub put it:

“I’m just here to eat cake all day, I really can’t wait to just eat cake.”

Again, just like a holiday.  Whatever is good for the soul.

After re-robing it was time for our lunch.  The lunch area was immaculate and just like a five star restaurant with full waiter/waitress service.  I hadn’t driven so I had a glass of wine with my lunch – I would have liked to polish a bottle but you know, I was mindful of my boyfriend drinking his designer cola.  A three course lunch.  Smoked salmon for the starters, duck for the main and divine cheesecake for afters.  A large salad bar, continental breads, oils, cheeses, olives, finery.  All in the price of the day – which by the way is £89 from morning until evening.  It’s worth the price just for the meal.  The plates, large, white and square, displaying brightly coloured food.

My boyfriend and I are ones for enjoying our life, but it’s normally with the children (well the ones who want to join us – teenage boys aren’t always too keen) but this was all very up a level for what we’re used to, which is a run around the town on the odd Saturday night or a night in with DVD and Chinese or Kebab, drinking our wine which we buy for 3 bottles of wine for a tenner in our local shop.

Therefore we totally appreciated the day.

After lunch we headed back to the lounge area, read for a while, swam some more and went back in the sauna’s and steam rooms before heading to the Spa Shop.


Very lovely, but you will need to take plenty of pennies if you wish to purchase the products.  They are pricey.  We tried a few products from the tester ranges on our newly glowing faces.  The products sunk in a dream.  I didn’t buy any products but I have put a few on my Christmas list – I hope Santa delivers.

We walked past the gym and the exercise rooms – maybe next time we will give those a try and not be just indulgers. Then decided to go and spend some time in the slumber room.  A very calming room made up of beds and wicker cocoons with beds that hang from the ceiling.  If I’m honest, it felt strange walking into such a quiet room and being mindful of so many people sleeping. Boyfriend did lay snoring gently while I read a book.

This is how crazy people are – people PAY to sleep!  It takes me a while to get my head around that one.  But I suppose after all of the activity, the cleansing, the detoxing and eating quality food.  The body appreciates some relaxation in the form of a little snooze.

All in all, our day at Eden Hall Health Spa was well worth the visit.  A place that is not just for the ladies or for ladies to spend time with their friends.  It’s a great place for a  couple to spend time together.

If you want a quick escape, immaculate surroundings, to be catered for my friendly staff, to fill your body with amazing treats or goodness, to shop for luxury face creams, to indulge your system with sauna’s and steam rooms, to freshen up with beauty treatments, to spend time alone or share time with close friends or a loved one.

Then Eden Health Spa in Nottinghamshire is affordable and will deliver the above.

Be warned. Once you’ve been once, you will be planning your next visit.