12095190_1650469835169877_6308204481646156394_oLife represents growth.  As you are faced with new challenges, obstacles and experiences your opinions are likely to change.  Those challenges, obstacles and experiences are what make you as a person.  They are what bring out the best and the worst in your character and give you the rich understanding of yourself and society as a whole.

When I was younger I would hear people say that “they wish they knew then what they know now.”  And I would in a naive manner think that I had it all sussed out.  And actually there were many times that I would go in gusto and I would indeed have got it right.  At those moments I wanted to screech from a mountain with full pelt “I am right!”  but then there were other times I went in gusto and got it wrong.  That’s life and that’s the lessons that we’re learning everyday.

Looking back and reflecting upon our lessons is a good exercise in understanding where we are in life.  Growth is vital, growth is what takes us forward. And growth can often be the following of very confusing times.  Times when your brain feels like it wants to burst and times when you want to give up.  But don’t give up, keep paddling because something really beautiful does occur on the other side. Knowledge.  Knowledge which is your truth and your perception.  And if you want to shout it then shout it.  I think we all are doing with our blogs.  It’s how we learn, by passing on our knowledge.

This weekend it was my 38th birthday and I took a moment to reflect upon 38 lessons that I have learned.

  1. That age really is just a number.  You are as young as you allow yourself to be.  It is not down to society to define you but yourself.  Wear what you want to wear, party if you want to party, stay in and wear pj’s.  It’s your life and therefore your choice.
  2. Maternal love is the strongest love and causes much heartache as well as joy.  You feel and fear your children’s fears and failures as much as your own.  But experiencing their joy is better than experiencing your own.
  3. Acceptance is the key to moving on.  No matter how bad it is, you can not allow the situation to control.
  4. Life doesn’t go to plan.  That’s ok, that’s spontaneous and the chance to learn and grow.
  5. Money doesn’t come easy, freedom can come easier.
  6. Most people form judgements.  Stay true to yourself.  Their judgements are not your business.
  7. Stay honest.  Deceit catches up.
  8. We all make mistakes, we learn, we move on.
  9. Trust your own instincts.  This comes with age and experience, unless you are young and gifted.
  10. Life is mostly a mix of ups and downs – never straight.
  11. Somewhere out there another person is going through the same as you.  Our experiences may seem unique but we have more in common than we might think. It’s just finding that connection.
  12. Life is full of failures.  If not, perhaps you aren’t reaching high enough or you are happy as you are.
  13. Some of the happiest people have nothing.  I’ve seen it and it’s humbling.
  14. The wealthiest still have problems.
  15. That many are faking something. (so cynical this one I know… yikes)
  16. Life is a front for many because if they expose themselves they might become vulnerable.
  17. Vulnerability is strength once you know how to stand by it.
  18. Mental health is as important as physical – at times they are both connected.
  19. Problems don’t last forever, there is always a new one around the corner.  Roll with it.
  20. The obstacles will often break you or make you… or break you and then make you.  Stay gentle, don’t toughen.
  21. That at times having a life can be overrated.  Sometimes having a life is enjoying your own space and time.
  22. It’s your life to make your mistakes and learn your lessons.  Once again. Trust your instincts.
  23. Wisdom comes with age and we shouldn’t impose it onto our children.  We can guide but not enforce.
  24. Addictions are difficult to break and most people have their vices.  Whether it’s soaps, social media, cigarettes, chocolate, alcohol or even drugs.  An addict of anything won’t give up until they admit it. Their life, their choice.
  25. It is ok to feel sad.  It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of release.
  26. Don’t expect others to treat you the same as you treat them – you could be heading for disappointment.  Besides it isn’t right to expect something in return.
  27. Life is full of temptations.  It is human nature. And if it’s doing no harm and makes you happier, give in.
  28. A picture paints 1000 words.  I like to write but a picture gives greater impact.  This can be good, bad or untrue.
  29. Propaganda isn’t just found in newspapers.  It can be found in your daily life, in your circles.
  30. You can love too much.
  31. People will come and go and that’s ok.
  32. Most situations have some gratitude.  Even during your darkest times, it might just be a lesson or an appreciation of something better.
  33. You have a choice and can say no.
  34. It’s ok to have fun.  It’s something that can dwindle if you don’t push it forward.
  35. An old one.  Life goes on.
  36. Nobody is irreplaceable (another old one but I’ve learned it)
  37. Except true love, you get that once, if it ended, the chances are that it wasn’t.
  38. Current situation is not the end.  Life goes full circle, it’s the bigger picture – just get through the difficult times.

In my 38 years these are the lessons that I’ve learned and encountered.  The above lessons are what make me who I am.  If you sat and thought about it.  What lessons have you learned?