When you are approaching that forty mark you are once again reminded of what it was like to approach the thirty mark…

How many of you felt that feeling of dread, like it was going to be the end of the world reaching the big 30 milestone?  Then you reach the mid-thirties and beyond and you start to realise that 30 was ridiculously young. 30 is absolutely no age at all but the start of leaving those crazy 20’s behind.  That’s if you are lucky enough to have had a crazy 20’s.

For many and I hold my hands up.  My 20’s were far too sensible a time as I had my children to take care of.  Therefore I would say at age 25 I felt far too old for my age.  My thirties on the other hand I divorced so like many women who become single parents (if you are lucky enough to get a break every other weekend) I found that I felt younger at 35 than I did back then.  Now I don’t get the luxury of the other weekend break but I do have a refreshing boyfriend who I do get to spend time with and he integrates well with my family.

My boyfriend has shown me that it isn’t just women who become conscious of their age – men do too.  This weekend he turned the big 39 which is reminding him of reaching a new milestone.  I text him the day before his birthday to remind him that the next day he would be birthday boy and he text me back to say that he can not believe that he will be 29. DENIAL.  Although I shouldn’t laugh too much as next week I’ll be 38 so the more I joke and take the mick I know that with him reaching these milestones before me that he has the ability to come back 10 times worse.  That’s karma for you and karma (pah) I’ve certainly faced enough in my time. Instead I’ve been taking the softly approach – ok maybe with a bit of mickey taking in there too. I’ve told him that actually there will come a point in life when you wish that you were 39 again, just like now when he’s wishing that he’s 29. My daughter on the other end has not taken the softly softly approach as she stood at the end of the garden waiting for him to pull up in his car – she held a Happy 29th birthday sign up for him, then gave him a great speech of how she’d spent months thinking up and choosing his present.  He loves the banter as he unwrapped his flip-flops that were wrapped in flip-flop wrapping paper.  To be honest they were pretty cool flip-flops from Surfdome – now is the time to buy them as the summer season has ended.  I actually picked up an 8ft paddling pool with lid for £12 too (for the kids).  If you need gardening equipment, sheds, greenhouses etc… buy them now.  Budgeting often involves planning ahead.

Back to the flip-flops – it might seem a strange October present but if you know my boyfriend then you will understand.  He spends his working life in big heavy work boots – his feet need a rest now and again. But amongst my family his flip-flop wearing has become a joke amongst the kids.  But that is kids for you.  They love to jest.

We didn’t particularly do much for his birthday other than spend the afternoon together as he is poorly and we had all of the kids – but yes we enjoyed cake, mini sausages and nibbles.  Next week it’s my birthday so we are definitely going to celebrate then for the both of us11058699_1581527665397428_1771871593686493012_n.  Possibly, sambucca style.  Actually no possibly about it.  It’s what 29 year olds do!  And I’m quite liking the fact that his denial means that I seem to have bagged a toyboy either that or I’m just 28 next week.

And how am I handling the fact that I shall be turning 38 as of next Saturday?  I went for the first run that I’ve been on in a long time! It actually nearly killed me!  The body might be slim but the heart and lungs definitely need a bit of work. So for me, I’m determined to concentrate on a bit of fitness as I approach the next milestone of life.