FullSizeRender (5)Do you love clothes? I’m no exception.  However, with a family to support my clothing budget isn’t overly massive and I have no store cards to fall back on.  But I love clothes, I love experimenting with new colours, fabrics, skirt lengths and different looks.

Because of my smaller clothing allowance I have been looking around charity shops.  I first really got into looking around charity shops when I became a single mother and when my credit rating became non existent.  I found that the clothes in the shop where in a better condition than many of my worn clothes.  I haven’t looked back since. That is not to say that I don’t look around standard shops to pick up tips on up to date fashion or hunt out a bargain.  I can’t visit any town or city without having a look in the charity shops.

And here is a great tip:

FOR DESIGNER LABELLED CLOTHES CHECK OUT THE CHARITY SHOPS IN AFFLUENT PLACES… Fashionistas in the areas barely keep clothes for more than a season.

A couple of years ago I took my children to Windsor – the charity shops were amazing.  They were better and more trendier than the standard high street shops in the town that I live.  Wooden floors, loud music, colour co-ordinated. They were awesome to shop in. I came home with some great designer labelled jeans which have lasted me a good couple of years.  A bit more wear than the Primark jeans which lasted me a season.

Today, the weather was beautiful and sunny and my boyfriend was coming around with his daughter.  I wanted to make a bit of an effort and when I opened the kitchen door his first words were:

“You look really really pretty.”  He probably said it at least a dozen times throughout the visit.

I felt smug because my outfit cost me less than a fiver.

FullSizeRender (5)

1 full length summer floaty skirt £1.99 – Barnardos

1 White vest top £1.00 – Help the Aged

3 bangles 10 p each from Help the Aged

1 red set of beads 50p from Help the Aged

1 pair of red and white costume jewellery from Asda (not charity shop but in the sale) 99p

I love my outfit and I love the price.  I’ve bought some other great charity shop finds for the home and for my wardrobe which I will share on future blogs.

For now I’m back to a game of Bean Boozle with the children.  If you’ve never played Bean Boozle before then I highly recommend purchasing a box.  Great fun for adults.  Our last game involved everybody picking out a brown jelly bean.  It could be dog food flavour or it could be chocolate.  We were all hoping for chocolate.  Unlucky for two – they got the dog food flavour.  If you play this game keep a plastic bag to hand to spit into and a glass of milk or pop to wash down the nasty flavour.  You could end up with vomit, baby wipe or bogey flavour.  The game is a hilarious hit and a good way to spend half an hour.  Jelly beans/sweets with a chance of a nasty taste that your dentist is sure to adore. And you won’t be eating too many before tea.

bean boozle