1780705_10152293308079248_1778388445_nAs much as I love a brand new sofa I can no longer bring myself to buy one.  They are like cars in the sense that as soon as they are a year old they are worth a fraction of the price that you originally paid.  Unless a sofa is being bought and intended to be kept for many many years they are something that the Brits are great at throwing money away on.  The amount of adverts I’ve seen where somebody has bought a brand new sofa and spent over £1000 and then are selling one year later for just a couple of hundred are treble fold. Just imagine picking up £800 and ripping it up.  How does that thought feel?  Not too great I bet. Of course for me who loves a second hand bargain I’m there ready to pick up the treasure.  One man’s rubbish really is another man’s treasure.

We live in the age where a family budget is being squeezed constantly.  And like me I’m sure many are thinking up ways that they can save money in areas so that they have the money spare for other areas or simply put away for a rainy day.

I would say since the credit crunch we are seeing more and more pre-loved furniture being sold and done up for a few pounds.  I fall into that category and love nothing more than renovating with my simple skills.  I have no dress making or sewing skills otherwise I’m pretty certain I would be attempting curtains etc… But who knows maybe one day I may find the time to learn.

I was in need of a small sofa for my front room.  The problem was I’d already decided and attempted my colour scheme of purple and cream. 1471290_10152081936354248_682390076_n As most of us know, when buying a second hand sofa it really is luck that we will get exactly what we want.

I bought a lovely leather large three seater sofa second hand just over a year old for £100.  So that did help with my choice for a small sofa. Everything goes with cream.  I’d decided that I wanted an un-matching small sofa.  I love that look in a room, it’s popular in cottages and I see my house as a home that has a cottagey feel to it.

I was in luck.  A few months after buying my large second hand sofa, a lady at work was selling a small fabric sofa with removable covers.  The size was perfect, it looked comfy enough and the price of £30 was exactly what I needed.  But the colour was faded, shabby and not purple and the sofa looked like it had seen better days.1606897_10152293301179248_1611939759_n  Nether the less I snapped her hand off.  Once the sofa was put in the front room it was a perfect fit and very comfy.

To spruce the sofa up, I bought a couple of packets of machine washable fabric dye in purple.  When choosing to recolour fabric it is wise to go darker.  You can opt to bleach the colour out of the fabric first but it’s not something I’ve got experience of.  I tend to go darker.

Fabric dye is easy.  It involves a packet of salt, the colour and the fabric all pushed into the washing machine.  The washing machine then does all of the work. A final rinse through and ready to dry on the washing line.

I was really pleased with the effects of the sofa.  I renovated a second hand sofa for under a tenner.  Why not attempt curtains?  Or even some clothing?


My sofa in the front room which was a work of progress.

Keep reading my blog and you will find out what I did to update my fire place.  It’s work on a budget and it takes imagination.  But it’s very rewarding.  Just what we need when we’re feeling the pinch.