Let me tell you a story about my ears….

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Once upon a time there was a little girl with dark saucer eyes and chocolate gleaming hair who hated her ears. She didn’t just hate them but she despised them. She loved hair styles and pretty bobbles but she hated her ears. She would stand in the mirror and look at them, frown at them and think how different they were to other people’s ears. Her mum constantly told her she was pretty but she still hated her ears.

I guess it’s a scenario for many little girls. Maybe not ears but certainly another physical attribute and something that many of us become aware of. Possibly in today’s society more than any other when appearance is splattered all over magazines and newspapers. When you are growing and developing it is difficult to not compare yourself. It’s human nature. Right? I deemed my ears as the worst attribute that anybody could have. They stuck right out. Now and again somebody would comment on how they stuck out or my uncle would playfully flick them. It’s fun to take the micky out of somebodies appearance. It’s fun unless you are that person. I considered myself on a comparison with “Pob” who I used to watch on a Sunday morning. Each time I read a headline about Gary Linekar and his lugs and I would think that I was him or at the least related to him. I couldn’t watch “Dumbo” as he got me down. I couldn’t watch him because I was then convinced that I too would be able to fly with the help of my ears.   I went through a stage of holding my ears back and hoping that the wind would change. So many people told me that if you scowl too much and the wind changes that your face stays like it. I hoped with all my might that the wind would change and my ears would no longer stick out. When I look back I can laugh about it because now I’m older I’m much more accepting. I’ve long gone past the days of wanting to have my ears pinned back. But I guess that’s because as I grew and became a lady as it were, that my ears became less noticeable. I kind of grew into my ears.

But I still rarely tie my hair back so I guess they are still a sensitive point. My boyfriend will often say to me:

“Shelly, why don’t you tie your hair back. You have such a pretty face, I think your hair would look lovely tied back.”

When I go on holiday I might just tie my hair back but I know I’ll secretly be thinking:

“Oh no, he’s gone off me, he no longer fancies me.”

But then the other part of me will think don’t be silly he’s accepting me of all my flaws. Nobody is perfect. Right? Who knows after my holiday I might just show you a picture of me and my hair tied back with my lugs right on show. Then again it’ll depend how brave I’m feeling.

For me I keep my fine hair down. Colouring my hair gives me the hairstyle changes that us ladies do adore.

There are times when I go blonde. Times I go back to dark – I love it and then get bored.

Times I will wave it.

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Times I will leave it messy. And times I will curl it.


Times I will straighten it.

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This week I have gone for the “ombre” look.

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I feel it’s like the best of both. Brunette around the face which suits me best. But a little bit of blonde. I’ve always joked with people that I’m what they class a “malteser” brunette on the outside but definitely blonde on the inside. So many people say to me that I should have been born blonde. Which at times I think.

Which leads me onto. Do blondes have more fun???

Ummm I’m not too sure. I seem to find fun when I’m either. Hence why I’ve now gone for both.

Blonde? Brunette? Who cares, I seem to enjoy either. It’s fun to change our look. Which brings me back to my ears. I definitely should try and wear my hair up more.

Therefore, I’m looking for new hair do up style for fine hair.  I would be grateful of the feedback.