The shorts can come out for the fair skinned ladies… And guess what??? The sun will not go back in…

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The sun is out and therefore it is likely that we are exposing more flesh than many of us would like to. I’m the sort of person who is extremely fair-skinned in winter and could pass as a person who doesn’t tan. In fact, I’m the opposite.  I tan very easily but I choose to not over-tan. My skin fluctuates from an extremely pale colour to a dark sun-kissed brown.  I was very much obsessed with tanning in my youth and tanning my skin as dark as I could. In the winter my pale colour would make me feel depressed and I spent a lot of time on sunbeds because I wanted a tan. I had the luxury of time to enable me to do this. I wanted the best tan to go with the brightest clothes so that I could stand out. But, that was my youth. My youth is my past. What I considered to be beautiful when I was young is definitely not what I consider to be beautiful now. I’m 37 and I’m embracing being 37 and I’m also accepting the fairer skin. On the other side,  I can understand the craze for fake tans. An instant, safe way to tan that doesn’t involve hours in the sun and isn’t doing anybody any harm. I just don’t get the nasty smell or the mess.   But if you feel better as a fake tanned person, then go ahead, reach for the bottle as you only get one life.

However, for me maybe it was watching clips from Benidorm that has put me off the darker tan. I also associate a dark tan with crinkly old people, (believe me, I’m starting to get those crinkles but I don’t want to feel even crinklier before my time) who are eating ice-creams while sat at British Seaside resorts, body builders, brick layers and of course the heavily made up ladies from Geordie Shore. If you want to look younger and fresher then I believe that it is about the fairer skin.

Therefore, before you rush off to spend a fortune on a spray tan which will give you a heavily made up look. Try and think more natural. Thinking more natural will give you a natural younger look.  Love your fair skin until it tans naturally in the sun. If you don’t tan. Don’t worry. EMBRACE THE FAIRNESS! Fair does look beautiful. It’s about making your skin look the best it can as naturally as you can. To do that we can all follow some simple tips.

  1. Drink more water – keep your skin hydrated and detoxed.  Water is cheap and water is the biggest support for skin.
  2. Eat fruit and vegetables to help flush out the built up toxins.
  3. Take a cod liver oil capsule – skin radiates from within.
  4. Take in plenty of fresh air.
  5. Exfoliate the skin a couple of times a week. You only need a flannel to exfoliate the face and a natural sea sponge for the body.
  6. A home face-mask once or twice a week will draw out impurities – especially if you are not good at the cleansing routine.
  7. Sweep a little bit of pink blusher across your cheekbones.  It’ll make your fair face radiate with youth.
  8. Apply a bold colour lipstick.  Deep shimmery purple, red or bright pink to create a contrast.
  9. If that isn’t your thing then a simple gloss will have a simpler effect.
  10. Use a body shimmer, shimmer lotion looks great and has a nicer scent than a fake tan.  Ladies if you are on a tight budget do not let that deter you.  It is fairly easy to find a body lotion that shimmers.  I found one in a bargain store priced at just 99p and it is highly effective.  Keep your eyes peeled in those bargain stores.

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I am still very much enjoying the warm weather.  I braved the school run today, wearing my teeny-tiny shorts with my fair legs which shimmered and gleamed in the sun with my shimmer lotion. Simple living. Simple life. Less stress.