FullSizeRender (2)All over social media it seems that most of us are enjoying the heat wave. I haven’t heard one person complain and I’m not complaining either…

At work it was lovely to have the door wide open, the bright sunshine beaming in through the windows and everybody in happy moods.  The vitamin D has certainly given us all a mood boost and it’s set to be hotter tomorrow!

The other week my daughter told me that she wanted to walk to school by herself.  I allowed her that independence to a point while I watched her walk from a distance.  I am now pleased to announce that she has got that fad out of her head and that she wants me back to walking her to school.  Yippee! I love doing the school walk.  Going to school by car is so overrated and stressful.  Walking is an ideal time to catch up with your child about their school day instead of being distracted by other traffic.   Walking to school is one of my favourite routines. And as I’ve lived in the house for over a couple of years I’m very much attuned to the changing seasons.  I love the pink blossoms and daffodils in spring, the bright yellow farmers fields on the approach to summer, the slightly burnt green in summer (depending upon rainfall), the conkers on the floor and golden hues of autumn – winter is barren but not dull.  You don’t become attuned with nature while sat in a car.


Today, I walked with my arms swinging, just enjoying the moment before picking my daughter up.  When I picked her up I took her to the village shop.  Our village shop has recently changed hands.  It was with sadness at first.  We really liked the previous owners and my daughter enjoyed sharing her word of the day with the staff.  It was a traditional village shop and everything about it spoke village right to the owners taking time off when they wanted – but hey it’s village life, it’s slower than a town and definitely slower than a city.  There are times when that slowness and relaxed attitude suits me, particularly when raising children who grow up too quickly.  I like the idea of towns and cities just to walk into the action but then leave and go back to home comforts. So the village shop has changed hands into a local supermarket chain.  However, we are getting used to the new owners and it’s certainly cheaper to shop there but my daughter still misses the word of the day banter.  Who knows?  In time she might get it back.


It was home for a chill out in the garden before tonight’s tea.  We had oven baked salmon, new potatoes and salad.

Summer time is definitely the time that we eat so much healthier and the time when we do some more exercise due to being outdoors.  These are some things that have been on my mind lately.  Detoxing from the toxins of life.  I think really that there are four healthy rules to follow that can be adhered by many of us to lead a healthier lifestyle.

1. Drink more water

2. Do more exercise (even just walking)

3. Eat fruit

4. Eat vegetables

I think we live in a day where there is a lot of obsession and pressure with regards to a healthier lifestyle.  This can lead to expense that actually isn’t needed.  Just following the above four principles and getting some fresh air is probably a simple and resourceful start in becoming a healthier, less stressed and more rounded person but without the added pressure.  I’m certainly going to be following them throughout summer.  It’s the small changes that can lead to the bigger ones.