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10 tips for making the most of the heat tomorrow… It starts with tonight…

It is going to be a hot day across the country tomorrow.  I believe that temperatures are set to hit 31 degrees.  In other words it’s going to be too hot and sticky to be in the mood to do much (other than go to work of course)…  Here are the ten tips that I will be following this evening ready to survive the heat tomorrow…

1. Sun-cream – I have the sun-cream out so that once everybody is showered and fresh in the morning they can apply that sun-cream.  Children play out during school-time and it’s essential that they are protected.  Plus I have every intention of spending my lunch time out doors.

2. Hayfever tablets – make sure that you’re stocked up, the pollen levels will be high and nobody wants to feel uncomfortable in the heat.

3. Stock up on fruit.  Take the fruit to school or pack extra into a child’s lunch box.  Fruit contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and water that you and your child will lose due to heat.  Replace those lost, by eating more fruit.

4. Ice lollies – if you have time make your own, if not there is still time to pop to the shops and pick some up ready for when your child comes home from school.  You will both be grateful for the refreshing treat.

5. Put the water in the ice-cube trays and stick them in the freezer – ready to pop into your cold drink tomorrow.  I like to put mine into a glass of gin and tonic (when the children have gone to bed of course).

6. Fill your paddling pool up tonight.  That way when you and your children come home from school/work you’ve both got chance to cool off in the water that won’t be too cold as it will have heated in the sunshine during the day. Also, when you’ve finished in the water you can use that water for watering the plants in your garden – keep it resourceful.

7. Water, water, water – take extra water to work during the day.  Fill a jug with water and put it in the fridge for when you come home.  Drink plenty of water to stay alert. And start your day with a big glass.

8. Salad – salad’s are great when the weather gets warm.  The chances are that you might not fancy eating much.  Prepare it tonight while the weather is cooler.

9. Get your lightweight clothes out tonight.  Clothes that are going to make sure that you are kept comfortable tomorrow.

10. Put your washing in the machine tonight ready to hang out first thing in the morning. The sun is enough to make most of us bounce out of bed.  It’ll have all day to dry while you are at work and tumble driers definitely shouldn’t be on during the summer.

They are the ten tips that I will be following tonight.  Keeping myself organised so that when I come home from work tomorrow that I can either enjoy time at the park after school or just time in the garden.  Time out doors is great for our wellbeing and great for families.