After our visit to Syston Farm Park in Lincolnshire, we came home with a basket of strawberries. Nice ripe and freshly picked strawberries. I was keen to use them up as quickly as we could so that we could all benefit from the goodness and heightened vitamins that you gain from eating the freshest of fruit. I adore trifle but making a trifle can be time consuming while waiting for the layers to set. My family and I wanted to eat trifle with strawberries within minutes. So here is how I went about making our trifle:

Easy and quick trifle that is ready to eat in under 10 minutes…


You will need:

A punnet of strawberries

180 g of Madeira sponge cake

A large carton of double cream

2 tins of custard


Wash and de-stork the strawberries.


Slice and cube the Maderia sponge.

Mix the majority of the strawberries (keep a few back) and the Maderia Sponge in the bottom of the trifle dish.


Pour on the custard from the tins.

Whisk the double cream until you achieve soft peaks.

Spoon the cream onto the custard.

Slice the remaining strawberries and decorate the trifle.


An easily achievable dessert that can be adapted to the size of your dish or even made in smaller singular dessert dishes in advance. Perfect for an after barbecue dessert when you want something easy and relaxed to serve up. Place the trifle with serving spoons and bowls and allow the guests to serve their own so that you can sit back and enjoy the drinks and friendships. Barbecues and parties are for getting together and spending time with friends not slaving in the kitchen. And, the custard and the sponge will allow those strawberries to feed more mouths.

A trifle prepared and ready to eat in under 10 minutes… Of course, if you really miss jelly in the trifle you can always buy some ready jelly and mash it up with the cubes of cake and strawberries.