IMG_0387The department of health states that we all need at least one portion of oily fish per week.  Oily fish contains the essential omega fatty oils that we need.  Good for joints and good for the brain – therefore good for sound mental health wellbeing.  It’s important to look after our mental health as much as our physical.  I therefore believe that as children are growing and they are constantly learning and evolving to their surroundings that it is vital to get this portion into their systems.

Children can be fussy eaters but it’s essential to try and get them to eat food other than the standard junk food.  And actually I’ve found over the years that feeding the children foods other than fast food/junk food is a cheaper option and it doesn’t have to be hard work.

During the week one of my children has school meals but the other two take sandwiches.  When the weekend arrives I therefore like to stay away from sandwiches and either give them soup for lunch or today’s option.  Oily fish on toast -either sardines or pilchards.  As my children have grown up eating this food they really don’t mind it.  Children’s taste buds do develop and it’s important to persevere no matter how difficult it can be.  The sardines or pilchards is such a cheap meal option as they come in a tin and often priced at just 39p, I always buy the ones containing tomato sauce.  Children love tomato sauce.  The added benefit that these fish in a tin contain edible bones and bones contain calcium which is important to your child’s diet requirements and adults too.  It’s simple: toast the bread, butter the toast, add a good tablespoon of tinned fish to the toast, spread the mixture until the toast is covered and pop back under the grill for a couple of minutes.

I served ours with a few vegetable crudités and a glass of pure orange juice.

I will be blogging soon as to how you can encourage your child to eat more of the good stuff and it will in fact cut your shopping budget.  Fast food does not have to be junk food.