It has been a beautiful day in the village…


We had a nice leisurely morning. I love weekends for that reason. All week it has been charge around with school runs, going to work, a poorly daughter, numerous phone calls, a visit to a secondary school and the normal housework. I adore weekends, especially the sunny weekends.

Sometimes I will go to sleep with the curtains open. My bedroom overlooks my large spacious back garden and I’m not overlooked. I like to wake up and look over my garden and listen to the sound of the birds tweeting. I particularly like it when the sky is blue. The uplifting blue that makes me want to bounce out of bed instead of perhaps curling back underneath the duvet cover. Sometimes I will bounce out of bed just to go down stairs to make a drink and go back to bed just to enjoy that moment’s peace.

It was the normal washing morning, put a little bit on the line and feel organised that the clothes are going to dry so fast in the sunshine. Ready to be straight and organised for Monday morning (although we all know that Monday mornings never go to plan). I then pottered off to the supermarket to do the weekly food shopping. It was home for lunch to prepare a nice healthy lunch and watch my two younger children drawing. The eldest was off doing his thing. My youngest boy was showing his sister how to sketch and shade in a picture that she was drawing of a cup. He is very gifted at Art, always was since he could hold a crayon. He was a lively child with the strongest nature but sitting with crayons, pens, pencils, felts or paper and he would be absorbed. He is still the same. It’s good to have that sort of outlet. I write, my children draw. He was however being the typical big brother and a little bit strict, I had to remind him of her young age. But his response: “I’m trying to teach her Mum, I need to push her.” I left them to it while I got organised for an afternoon out in the sunshine.

We went to Syston Farm Park.


I live in the village surrounded by farmer’s fields. The strawberry fields are a five minute drive and there is a lovely little farm shop and farm café. Sometimes I like to retreat there by myself when I have an hour and they’re all at school. I like to just look at the quirky pots of jam’s or chutneys and come home with an overpriced loaf of bread after sitting in the café drinking a Mocha. I decided that as it was such a sunny day we would head out to the strawberry fields. The strawberries are in season and there is something uplifting about visiting the fields in the sunshine and being surrounded and being able to eat healthy fruit. It was quite busy but it was nice to be amongst so many happy people enjoying their little hour or two out. We picked our strawberries or rather I picked the majority of the strawberries while my daughter picked the occasional one. Apparently she only wanted to pick the strawberriest of strawberries. We then sat in the sunshine drinking our bottles of water and my daughter played at the farm park. She was busy doing her gymnastics and being competitive with some other girls who were playing too. Children are marvellous. They make friends so easily.


After a fraught week it was lovely to wind down for a couple of hours. The Afternoon was a cheap afternoon. It cost just under £5 and we came home with something to show for it.


When I was a little girl I lived in Lancashire but I would visit my grandparents in Lincolnshire and we would go strawberry picking, normally it was on our way to Skegness, it remains a fond memory. If you have the chance to visit the yellow belly county of Lincolnshire then I highly recommend that you stop off at one of our strawberry fields and give your child or yourself a simple but happy memory.