It has been a week full of fraught frustration…

When I set up this blog it was to share with people who might be having a difficult time. Having difficulties with their finances, with their home lives, difficulties raising children. I hoped to share experiences that might bring hope and perhaps brighten somebodies life. If I had a tIp in managing money I wanted to share. If I had a tip on making family life and child rearing a little easier it was to share it. If I had a daft tale that I turned around I wanted to share it. I believe that we learn by passing knowledge, it is how society has evolved.

However, my blog has slipped because I have been angry and not my normal positive self. I have been angry at going to a housing office, angry at how I was spoken to but also angry at their systems that they have in place. Angry that they can preach, cover their arses and yet fail to do a job properly. I learned that they do not check anything properly. My livelihood is in their hands (Ok not fully I do work) yet they don’t check anything. And how did I learn? Because I asked her the questions. I am angry to be a working person who is spoken to badly by a lady behind a counter who doesn’t actually know me at all and would be the sort of woman who wouldn’t want to get to know a person. A person like me who lives in a council house. But I am also angry because although I’m not an unemployed person I could put myself in their shoes and what they have to put up with day in and day out. It makes me think about the judgements in society that people have on others when actually they don’t know that person at all. They do not know their story or where they have come from. I believe in compassion and kindness. It’s the way to get the best out of a person and there are times when I believe that this country lacks it.

As the week has progressed I have ranted and raved on about political issues because I am disgusted with how the country is going. I am dismayed with the media when they highlight the worst case scenarios of vulnerable people who are reliant on the state. Like most people I believe in hard working people who go to work. I admire great achievers. Yet I also feel a sensitivity and compassion for those who have fallen on hard times. I myself know what hard times are. Anybody can fall and no amount of looking down noses or being judgemental will stop people from falling. In fact the opposite happens. The more you judge, the more you pick on then actually that person falls more. Should this country be not helping pick people up when they fall? Falls can happen to anybody. People get sick. People enter abusive relationships. People have families and people struggle. I am also fed up of the country making a scape-goat of the wrong people. If there are people who are fiddling the system. Sort those people out. But that is people of all walks in life. I believe in honesty. But how can Politicians make decisions so black and white?

How can they start cutting child tax credits and putting a limit to two children?  They say it’s to stop people from using it as a career path. But what about the many who it hasn’t been a career path? It has been a fall. What about the many who have paid into the system previously, or the many who will pay into the system later. Or the many who are working hard for minimum wage payments who simply need a bit more help? Short-sighted springs to mind. Not getting the best out of people. In my mind children can-not be raised on berry pickings and fresh air. They need food, food from home not food from foodbanks. They need clothes. Who is going to provide the children clothes when their parents can’t? As far as I’m concerned if children are not provided with clothes and food it is child neglect which is child abuse. Many parents will be in tears knowing that this is so yet they can’t do anything about it and they have nowhere to turn. Not everybody has a family to fall back on or partner. Are we going to see the introduction of a clothing bank? Is that moral?   Is that degrading? And will our poorest children start to suffer with bad nutrition at a time in their lives when they are growing? It makes me shudder as I think how we are moving to a Victorian Britain. A time when workhouses existed and I believe that actually if child tax credits are cut that they will be brought back in. The Victorian era – a time when women were having back street abortions and prostitution was rife. What if women have no choice because they are backed into a corner? They need child tax credits just to survive because maybe their child’s father doesn’t help provide which leads me onto CSA who are taking on no new cases. Another avenue of income for the child more difficult to obtain. More worry for the live in parent (I’m aware it’s not just single mums and that there are single dads). Shouldn’t we want more for the country? And that wanting more starts with the children yet Children’s services are being cut at a time when we need them. The Country may prosper economically for the fortunate and certainly at the expense of the poorest but we are going back in the times socially? Women’s refuges are being cut. Refuges that we need to protect our vulnerable women who live in fear. And with all of the cuts which are going to put people into more mentally taxing times, I hear about the mental health services being cut too. Are the government actually going to do anything to help the vulnerable?

Sometimes I think to myself perhaps it’s time to bury my head in the sand and not think about it. Just do the same as many and think, well I’m ok at the minute. But no, I can’t bring myself to do that because my eyes are open to what is going on around me. I read the articles, I’ve taken the time to speak to many people, and I’ve also had my own troubles. Plus like I’ve said we can all fall at any time. Nobody should ever take their situation for granted.

For that reason I have been signing petitions through the change.org website. I signed a petition about the Tories trying to hide information on deaths through poverty. Deaths that have occurred because people have had their benefits stopped. It makes me sad because it is not exaggeration. It’s the truth and fear has begun. The fear is there for those with their eyes open. Politics is powerful and the decisions that have to be made can have the most awful consequences. History has shown it. I feel that it’s going to be a long five years under the Tory government. We want and need a fairer Country. I don’t think that they will deliver it and I believe there are going to be some nasty consequences. Every action has a consequence… People’s lives, health, mental health and development are at risk. Definitely so if you’re poor or even working but with not much left or spare as you don’t have a lot to fall from.

They say we only get one life and we should make the most of it. Under Tories I believe that we only want one life.

I set up this blog to share positive resourceful content, stories and ways of budgeting or saving money. There is no doubt that budgeting and saving money is perhaps going to be more important now than it has ever been before as we learn to survive another tidal wave of five years with Tory. And sometimes that is what life is for many. SURVIVAL.