Stress-free-zoneAs I’ve blogged many times in the past.  I’m not the most tidy of people.  I can’t help it.  I like to think it’s because I’m more of a creative person that when it comes to the practicalities that I have to work harder.  It’s not that I don’t try.  Believe me. I am forever trying.  At times it can be like having OCD but never actually getting anywhere.  For instance when my boyfriend visits he will joke that my home is like a little Aladdin’s cave, there are always random objects in random places.  And then there are the times when friends visit and I’ve spent all day trying to make my home look like a show home before they arrive (unfortunately my home will never look like a show home, it’s all quite second hand but I wouldn’t have it any other way) and they say “wow, your home is so lived in.” I take it as a compliment.  I’m not lazy, I’m forever up to something and much of that includes meeting the needs of my family.  I class cleaning and tidying on the last list of priorities but it does catch up.  I’m good at keeping on top of washing but I’m rubbish at ironing, I’m good at food shopping and keeping food in the cupboards but the cupboards and fridge are often messy, I’m good at cooking meals for my family but I’m bad at the clean up.  I’m also very good at finding time for my children and boyfriend but I’m highly chaotic.  I’m good at going to work but my house is often left like a whirlwind has struck. I’m good at paying my bills but my home office is disorganised.  When I say a home office, it’s actually an office made out of wooden fruit crate boxes that sit in my living room.  A couple of boxes for my creative writing projects, a box of learning materials and a home office box.  That is my office.  I keep thinking that one day it would be nice to have a real home office with four walls, desk and chair that overlooks the garden.  Just like the home office that I had.  But then I remind myself of the confinement I felt when sat in a home office – especially a home office that overlooked a front garden in a neighbourhood full of OAP’s.  The action in the neighbourhood was normally that of a hearse driving by.  Box offices may not be luxury but boxes do travel.  They travel to any room in the house, outside to the garden or even out and about in the car.  Pick up box and go.  It gives an element of freedom – freedom that I like.

A couple of weeks ago after my graduation I told myself that now my degree is out of the way.  I no longer have an excuse but to get my home in order.  I miss my degree for that reason, I had a good excuse to let the jobs pile up.  I’ve kind of replaced one excuse for another.  I have a blog.  But I do want to achieve a little bit of order in the house because after a while the jobs pile up a little bit too much. So a fortnight ago I started on my home office – it’s always wise to start small and just do something.  I think it can be overwhelming to tackle it any other way.  Then last week I tackled my kitchen larder.  I was happy pulling out all of that out of date food out of the cupboard and putting the in date all back in order – ready for my cooking activities.  This week I had every intention of tackling my wardrobe.  When you open the doors everything was piled in.  Little did I know that my plans would escalate.  All because I lost an important object. So last night and for the majority of the afternoon:

I sorted my living room cabinet, my book shelves, my DVD boxes, my wardrobe, every single handbag, under my bed and my dreaded downstairs cupboard!  My dreaded downstairs cupboard is a challenge.  I have managed to fill ten bin bags with rubbish, called a scrap-man to pick up metal – for free! And of course with all of the up turning I discovered many treasures that I now need to sell, followed by dust and hoovering. One job is never straight forward it always leads to another.  But on a positive, my cleared out wardrobe reminded me of an old favourite dress that I wore for work today.  The lesson I’ve learned is that if you lose something then it’s one sure way of getting on and getting the house straight.

I never did find the important object but my house is 10 x more organised and I have a plan B with regards to the object.  But like I say, one job always leads to another.  It’s safe to say that I am now one tired lady.  I had every intention of seeing my boyfriend tonight and for the first time I felt that guilt of putting my house first, besides we’ve got a weekend together coming up.  So tonight, I’m showering, hot oiling my hair, putting on a face mask, shaving my legs, painting my toe nails, having a cup of camomile tea and chilling with either some you tube videos or a book.

It’s important to revive and put some vitality back. Especially after all of that organising.