FullSizeRender (3)I’m not the biggest fan of The Daily Mail newspaper. Not because I don’t think that the articles are informative or well written. Indeed I quite enjoy reading some of the articles that they do have inside the pages. However, I’m not a fan because more often than not they seem to display negative articles with regards to women and age. We all have to age whether we’re a male or female and to be honest I believe that we should see ageing as positive. Life is precious and too many fall down before they’ve reached an age. I’m of the utmost belief that we should therefore feel lucky. Lucky to be around to experience life and to share with others. The Daily Mail like to show what they perceive to be the negative side of ageing. For instance:

  • Kate Middleton’s grey roots actually made the front page – an attractive woman who has grey roots!
  • Madonna – she often adorns the pages in the Daily Mail, being told that she is desperate wearing hot pants at her age. She is so-called desperate because she is wearing them stood next to her beautiful daughter.  I think it’s fair to say that Madonna looks amazing in hot pants, she’s taken good care of her body and loves to be a rebel against the norm. I think I’ve already blogged about the article to do with her hands.
  • Felicity Kendall – is now showing her 68 years of age and it’s seen as a crime.

I see the portrayal made of women who are ageing as negative and I indeed wouldn’t like to be any of those famous faces. We’re much better not in the spot light of it all and the ladies must indeed have very thick skin.

Then we have JK Rowling who did sue The Daily Mail and did win her case against them for saying that she had played on being a single parent to become successful. I think that most of us realised the opposite of this. JK Rowling is inspiring and does indeed give anybody having a rough patch in their lives hope.

Therefore, it was not with surprise that I read today’s front page headed:


I don’t normally buy The Daily Mail, I just normally see the articles in the newspaper that we have lying around at work. But today I wasn’t in work. I’d popped to the local shop and as soon as I read the header, I parted with my 60p to buy today’s copy.

As I’ve explained in previous blog posts. I’m a feminist in the sense that I believe in equality for women. I believe that women should have a choice. That’s not to say that I don’t believe that women should not enjoy the traditional female gender roles. I’m naturally a very feminine person. However, if my female friends so wishes to join in with the males – good for her. I’m for it.

When I’ve told many males that I am a feminist. They’ve looked at me and rolled their eyes. I think they envisage that the word feminist means ‘man hater’ and unfortunately when I read today’s Daily Mail, the article titled ‘Disturbing Rise of the Feminist Bullies’ I straight away shuddered and thought “Oh no, feminists are going to be put in a bad light!”

As a feminist I don’t hate men. Sure I dislike some males but then again I dislike some females. And I certainly dislike the males who belittle what a woman in a profession stands for.  However, I can take a joke too and quite often I turn it around to find them amusing rather than at fault and just simply put my point across.

Therefore, when I read the article I could see some of their points. Men are having to be too careful in what they say. The article outlined women’s outrage from a sexist remark made by a 72-year-old male who has had to resign due to it. The article then goes on to say that actually in the 72-year-old man who is a top scientist resigning –  means that we are losing a great talent to the country. I could see the point. The man is 72 and probably a bit old school – sometimes we should let that wash over our shoulders. The article goes on to say that people are losing their sense of humour. I could see that point too. There are times when I think, just let the person say what they want to say. You don’t have to agree but surely losing a job for some silly words is definitely a loss. Especially silly words that he can’t resist the charms of ladies! Honestly, I’m sure we women do indeed have a joke at the expense of men. The man is entitled to his opinion and actually his opinion does not impact upon the service that he provides.  Unless he is belittling a woman who he works alongside and holding her back then should we grumble? We perhaps should give him a little bit of respect. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak up either!  Sure we can speak up but not to the point of somebody losing their job for a petty remark.

I enjoy following the feminist disputes and opinions and will carry on doing so. Sometimes we need to remember than feminism is about equality and rising ourselves up to the same levels enjoyed by men. Not ‘man hating’ and picking on everything that they say. After all we need feminist males on our side too.  It’s not a war.

I believe that feminists are not bullies – just passionate for justice. The Daily Mail has highlighted an important issue and as a feminist we can definitely learn from this and move forward in conducting ourselves in a way that we are not seen as bullies. A war will not resolve the problem.