FullSizeRenderIt’s been a wonderful day in the resourceful household. I popped out of work at lunch time today. My work place is a five minute walk to Homebase, TK Max and Matalan. Obviously this can be a draw back on the spending money front. But window shopping is ok. Right?

Well today I decided to have a little browse around TK Max. I saw many clothes that I could have easily put into my shopping basket but we’re saving for a holiday in this house so I really did stick to window shopping on that front.

However, we have to eat don’t we? The kitchen section in TK Max and Matalan therefore come under my list of necessity objects that we need in life. My children and I all adore cooking together. All three children are capable of making very simple dinners. Cooking is a life skill and I’m proud to have shared a life skill with them. Food is a great way to spend time with children while doing something that is a necessity. I’ve been trying to build up my store cupboard slowly so that I have always got something to hand when we want to create new food. Today I found in TK Max a Himalayan pink Salt and Pepper mill priced at £4.99.  As it’s for the kitchen and therefore a benefit to the entire family – I feel no guilt at this shopping. Containing not only the standard Black Pepper but also White, Pepper, Jamaica Pepper, Pink Pepper and Green Pepper. Far too stylish to sit in my kitchen cupboard. This lovely simple Salt and Pepper Mill will take place on my kitchen shelf to display. It will be perfect for seasoning the meals that we create.

FullSizeRender (2)

I also had my sights on a red ceramic fluted pie dish. “How awesome!” I thought to myself. The fruit pie that I’m wanting to create will look wonderful with a frilly edge and I’m sure it will therefore be easy to create. Priced at just £4.99 I decided to buy it. TK Max has amazing bargains in the kitchen section. The pie dish would have originally retailed at £12.99. It really is a quality buy and should last for many years.

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In the coming months I am hoping to slowly build up and invest in my kitchen to make cooking an even more pleasurable experience. I think it’s a natural human response to feel excited and want to use something when it’s new and when you have the right tools. And I have plans to create some simple meals on the You Tube Channel that is a work in progress.

Keep following the Resourcefulshelly.com blog and I will keep sharing and keep you updated on the channel progress. You may gain some inspiration.

Happy Monday everybody!!!