Happy quick cleaning… Happy prioritising… Happy full life…

I’m not telling you anything new when I say: “Our children are only little once and time flies by!” There are many articles on this subject floating around the internet and indeed in parenting magazines.533319_10150969477554248_1472578601_n As a mother of teenage children and a ten year old daughter I am now aware of it and with my youngest child it feels worse. Each step she makes towards independence (and she’s very independent) reminds me of a less need that the children have of me. With one year left in primary school and my days of rushed school runs are nearly over. It makes me sad, I’m grasping on to each day before they are. She has recently started walking to school alone (I still insist on picking her up after school) but I stand at the top of the front garden and watch her walk right until she’s out of sight. The school is literally around the corner so as soon as I can no longer see her she’s there. She feels the independence that she craves while I watch her walk, little skinny legs, carrying her bag until she’s a dot in the distance. The way she turns around to wave at every ten steps or so giving me the parental feeling that I’m still with her. Her independent walking is a sign that we’re reaching the end of an era and I’m not sure I’m ready. I should be ready but I’m not.

When the children were little I bought a poemFullSizeRender (3) and hung it up proudly in what was then my hot pink hallway. It summed up my parenting style. I still have the poem hanging up but after several house moves it is now hung up in my kitchen entrance. There are times when I think I could be better around the house. I could have less dust, less mess, clutter and grime if I tried harder. But the reality is in trying harder in those areas then I would be missing out in others. They say what you concentrate on grows and I tell myself that I have so many fond memories with my children that I can never replace. Besides which I have time to have the fancy home and organisation when they’ve grown up but then again knowing me I would probably be finding some other new project or whizzing out of the house on another adventure. Life really is too short for it to all be about a house. And I would never have achieved half of my achievements if life had been just about the house and I really am one of those people that if tired, I stop, it’s detrimental to health to just stop and recharge.

That is why I like to do my cleaning and house jobs in record time. An element of cleanliness is necessary. So here is this weekend’s survival guide.

My boyfriend and I did go out on the Saturday morning for a wander around our town shops and market. We took a little bit of time to have breakfast in a café together. With four children and work commitments between us it’s important that we have quality time together, to keep building on our relationship. Life is about those important relationships, nurturing them and making yourselves strong. We took that time just as we do when we have evenings together. I opt for relationships first and jobs after. So as soon as we said our goodbyes I felt refreshed to do some jobs around the house. And that’s the main point when agitated or overwhelmed, remove yourself from the situation and have some time out. Those jobs will be there when you get back but you will have what I’ve discussed in a previous blog as a fuller cup. I have a three point system.

  • Dishwasher on
  • Washing in the machine
  • Washing on the line

Immediately I feel good just for doing those simple  but tedious job. However, before I start loading my dishwasher it is rubber gloves on and throw bleach down the toilet. My bleach costs 39p from Home Bargains – during the week I use a lot of bleach. I then spray my shower cubicle and sink with a foam0075703735270_500X500 and leave it to work its magic. Into the kitchen. Dish washer on, washing in the machine, washing on the line. I’m ten/fifteen minutes into my hour and I feel like I’ve made great strides.

A quick wipe around the sides with Mr Muscle Kitchen cleaner and it’s time to hoover. I’m now 25 minutes in to my small allocated cleaning schedule. Out comes my beloved Hetty Hoover51qZY70BrgL__SY355_ and I’m whizzing around the down stairs. I don’t have the biggest house so it’s 35 minutes in and time to mop with my new mop bought from Home Bargain. I like the traditional mop and I picked one up for less than £2.00.

With fifteen minutes to go it’s time to rinse the shower cubicle and sink – easy peasy!!! And on with a quick dust with pledge polish in the living room and wipe around the television with Mr Muscle window and glass cleaner41WdMA3smtL__AA160_.

I’m done, ready for a sit down with a cup of coffee74435159-1d43-4eaa-b4cb-691e12a2cb84 and do something else more important and enjoyable instead.

Happy Cleaning – for mum’s who don’t like it but know that it has to be done!