11269407_1088367994512190_1171458657_n3D Mascara promises thicker and fuller lashes and indeed when I looked at the pictures my eyes popped out.  I  know that I need one and I do have one on order.  I’ve heard so many reviews from so many people who are raving about this mascara.  Raves from ladies who have ditched going to the salon to have eyelash extensions.  It’s a huge promise but one that I’m determined to test out.

Ten reasons that we need the promising effects of Younique Mascara in our lives…

  1. It’s an investment – if it makes our eyes brighter and perkier then we are going to be physically enhanced.
  2. Shifts our psychology.  Brighter, thicker lashes does frame the eyes and therefore make us look more wake.  Looking more awake can shift our psychology to tell us that we ARE more awake. That is a good start to the morning. Looking good, feeling good and therefore more productive.
  3. It’s less tricky than applying our own false lashes and because we don’t have spidery looking objects laying on our dressing table we can half convince ourselves that our Younique enhanced lashes are our own.
  4. It’s cheaper than going to a beauty parlour. Priced at £23 – a tube of Mascara when used daily should last four months. That’s a small investment of only just over £5 a month. Mascara when you need it which is during the day.  Who cares while we sleep?
  5. Extra compliments. It’s nice to receive a compliment and we should take the compliment well and own it.
  6. It contains high quality ingredients. We like to invest in quality ingredients for our skin so perhaps it’s time to put those onto our eyelashes. Our eyelashes are part of us, they’re important and don’t benefit by eyelash glue which can be harsh.
  7. Eyelashes are a natural fibre and so is the mascara that boasts 100 % natural fibre has extracts from green tea. Green tea is an anti-oxidant which is good for our insides so therefore as good for our outsides.
  8. It contains collagen which is good for the skin, keeping our skin healthy and well regenerated. Let us regenerate our eyelashes – surely they must need it! And 300% is a whopping amount!!!
  9. Our eyes are one of our five senses and therefore are our valuable asset. Younique contains Bees Wax which is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory therefore not dangerous to our eyes.
  10. The mascara’s ingredients promise to overtime to thicken and lengthen natural lashes. They are not being damaged with false chemicals.

The above are the reasons that I have ordered a Younique Mascara from Sarah Brown. She is a self-employed Make-up Presenter who hosts virtual parties. I love the idea of supporting a small business set up which is why I’m buying from her.

To buy your own Mascara then please follow the link.


I will keep you posted on how I get along and it would be fab to hear how you get along with the Mascara or any of the other products in what looks an exciting make-up range. Or of course why not consider presenting yourself. I’m sure Sarah would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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Happy Shopping ladies.