IMG_0037My hair was looking a downtrodden mess. Last coloured 8 weeks ago in an auburn shade.  It was fading.  I needed something to boost a little colour and bring life to myself.  Our hair does often have an impact on how we feel.  Most people enjoying the feeling of fresh salon styled and coloured hair.  I am exactly the same.  Over the years I’ve been a mixture of hair colours. From dark brown, medium brown, light brown, brown with dip-dye, brown with blonde highlights, auburn, red and even blonde. But I mostly find that I go back to the colour closest to my natural hair colour which is quite a dark brown. As somebody with fine hair I find that changing the colour gives me a change on my limited, fine and straight hair.  I also find that when I colour my hair darker that it thickens the strands.

I’m saving for a holiday but I’m not depriving myself of keeping my hair as shiny as possible. Therefore instead of a salon I am opting for home colour.  After all, when I look good, I feel good and therefore feel more productive which is better for the home, work and family.  Strange but true – I see my hair dye as an investment.   I therefore opted for the tried and tested nice n easy.  Natural Medium Brown shade 5.

I think that the beauty of going with a darker shade is that it is quite easy to get the desired results and not have to worry about patchiness.  It seems to cover better.

I like the results, especially at under £5 a box.