ja_jewel_tights_mainAfter just under two weeks of:

1. The car going wrong and being stuck in the village…

2. The daughter being poorly…

It was back to work today and I was more than happy to go and get a break from the house, childcare and get back into routine. I started my morning checking the morning news: Aaaaaaah interesting, Men who ogle women and how it makes women feel. I shrugged, hopped out of bed and peered out of the curtains and noticed it was much cooler weather than April’s ‘sunshine, picnics and bare legs.’  In fact, according to the long range weather forecast it is likely to be more April showers weather for the entire of May! And indeed as I write this blog I am listening from my bedroom to the gentle rain falling onto my newly planted seed pots in the garden.Today was definitely a patterned tights day, mini length skirt and high boots day for the office. Skirt £8.00 in Matalan. They really do have a lovely range of skirts that are perfect for work or lunch out with friends.


I dropped one child to school then faced the town centre traffic to drop my two son’s off before driving to the Co-op to pick up soup for lunch.  As I walked from the car, my heeled boots clicking on the pavement a couple of young men in tracksuits were walking the opposite side of the pavement. (Boots from Next £40)


“Look at the legs on that!” One elbowed his mate.  I thought about the irony of the news article that I had been reading that morning.  Should I have felt pleased to have a couple of young men admiring my legs?  When I had put on my fancy tights, skirt and boots I had done it for myself. I adore fashion always have and always will. And as a young lady who spent two years of her twenties in excruciating pain and could only wear trainers, diagnosed with an immune disorder which twenty years ago would have seen me in a wheelchair within five years.  To have experienced a rapid flair up, change in medication and numerous knee drains. I didn’t really need it pointing out to me that today my legs looked bloody good.  I had already looked in the mirror and thought “Wow, look at my legs, they look good and they are working.”

I love my pattern tights and highly recommend an online shopping site:


Tights and hold ups with all sorts of patterns.  Spruce up an outfit this May and admire your legs!