11215863_766324826819302_5214916867645267286_nIt has been an exciting weekend for our country with the birth of a new Princess. Like many I sat in my front room with my children waiting to see the Duke and Duchess emerge. As soon as Kate emerged I gasped with amazement.  It was truly spectacular to think that the lady had gone through the messy business of labour and birth for the second time.  There she stood with glossy styled hair, pretty clothing and her normal pretty face.  What a woman I thought to myself.

However, rather than rejoice in our latest royal addition it seems that the country has been divided on our beautiful Duchess.  Rather than getting praise for having to stand so flawlessly elegant as she shared her newborn baby.  There is a lot of negativity regarding how she would have had a team of beauty stylists to make sure she looked so good. Other people bitterly commenting that she looks like a “normal” mum.

But I’m sure Kate is bigger than that.  She understands her royal duties. I believe that if Kate hadn’t been styled and just slapped on a bit of lipstick and mascarra for her entrance in front of the country that she would still look beautiful and be judged regardless.  She is no doubt a natural beauty.  We saw that when she got married when she did indeed actually do her own makeup.

Appearance is big in this country. We have a big magazine, internet and TV culture  Everybody is judged on how they look, their hair, their weight, their clothes. And at times this does put pressure on young ladies who perhaps don’t feel that they measure up.  Therefore the negativity regarding such a beautiful entrance is entirely understandable. Ladies are continually comparing themselves with magazine models, celebrities who will no doubt look fabulous naturally but do have the added bonus of being airbrushed and styled.

Really ladies the pressure needs to stop.  It’s nice to look good, it’s nice to dress up and look our best in our own individual style.  But that doesn’t mean that we need to put somebody else down especially somebody who has given birth.  Just because Kate looked fantastic doesn’t mean that everybody else  who gives birth should feel bad about themselves.  Looking good is without doubt a pressure and a curse for Kate – it is part of her Royal image.  While most of us look forward to maternity leave of months.  She was back at work smiling for the cameras within hours of giving birth.  The lady needs applauding. And we need to be thankful for our own good points whether physical or mental.  When feeling a little bit disheartened remember that everybody has something that makes them stand out in their own way.  Concentrate on those positives.