31LocDcF89LThree years ago on facebook I joked with my friends and placed an advertisement for the man who I was looking for:

Wanted: One man, over thirty, must be half decent looking, taller than me, good sense of humour, fun to be around, must like children but not be keen to rush meeting my children, must be a hard worker, have ambition and have half a brain… No fatties need apply” Maybe the no fatties might have been a bit harsh.

My male friends all took it with a pinch of salt and joked back saying that it was all going well until I said “No fatties” Somebody else posted a picture of a skeleton, sat on a bench, wearing pearls and holding a handbag with the caption “Waiting for the perfect man!”

I smiled as I was prepared to wait to get what I wanted and felt certain that there would be one meeting all of those requirements and if not I would rather be on my own.  And one year later I got him.  What I had described was a sensible man who isn’t boring.

Many women complain how they want maturity, they want somebody grown up and how their partner is another one of their children.  For me I don’t see those points as negative at all.  Who wants a dull man? Give me an ungrown up man any day!!! While I write this blog I know that he will adore me writing about him… Why? Because he adores being the centre of attention… I’m quite an outgoing character so I adore being with a character who is out there more than myself.  Rather than hold me back it drives me forward.  Gives me so much fun in my life and I know that if he could write this blog he would say that I bring fun into his.


Both being in our mid-thirties when we met.  We’d both got history, I had children and he’d got a child.  The bonus of meeting in your thirties is that we both knew what we wanted out of a relationship. We agreed that we believed that far too many people rush in when they hardly know each other.  It was to not rush and to enjoy the old-fashioned term of a court-ship. We’ve now been together for nearly two years.  He met me when I was poorly, he’s seen me at my worst, he now has me at my best (in good health), he’s been there and encouraged me through my final year of my degree.  We have progressed and met each others children, been on holidays and had such a lot of fun together. We’ve picked each other up when we’ve been down and soared the feelings of being up.  Living together will happen one day but why rush or try to fix what is not broken? We’re going to have a holiday abroad with all of the children and then take it from there.

Romance is big in our lives. Not just big things but a lot of little things. Remembering to not take the other person for granted and to show appreciation of each other. I’ve enjoyed flowers, cooked meals etc… date nights in and date nights out. Our nights in are as good as a night out.

Every now and again I like to buy my ungrown man a gift for an occasion or just random. Superhero socks, a silly magicians set, Ann Summers Chocolate Boobies £4.00…


He has a good and very different sense of humour and takes it in good jest.

And as I know that he loves a good head massage – then again don’t we all? My latest gift he got with great amusement. At just over £1.00 (Life is about little things) I picked up a contraption that looked like a whisk. It’s not a whisk and it was shown on 8 out of 10 Cats last night. It’s a head massager.


An amusing gift but it actually works. Feels lovely and no doubt I’ll be scraping his head with it at some point during our date night tonight.