10922428_884719678235676_1750095065052138556_nIt has been one of those weeks… Well to be honest it started last Wednesday when I was driving my car home from work.  While changing gear the car made the most horrific sound, it sounded like the engine was going to blow up.  I prayed that I would get to my destination safely while also feeling the embarrassment from cars in front of me.  Surely they would think I was some sort of mad woman car driver who thought she was a boy racer!!! The side mirror on my car has been pulled off and snapped by some wonderful hooligan so I already look a sight driving around with a taped up mirror.  I wonder what it must be like to drive some luxury car?  Then I remember that I do remember, while married I would occasionally drive my ex-husbands M3 black with red leather seats.  How times have changed.

I got home, made the phone call to a friend who would be able to help me get the car up and running.  But doing this on the cheap means that you have to wait until the person can get a spare moment to come out to sort the car out.  I ended up without a car for the entire weekend and had to go to work on Monday via taxi.

We don’t realise just how much we rely on a car for our freedom until it is gone. Living in a village means that I’m a bit out-of-the-way and without a car can be isolated. It was therefore with glee that I arrived in work on Monday morning.  However as a previous blog post stated, not without drama… My phone decided to stop working!!! And within two hours I was called out from work to go and pick up poorly child from school.  I have therefore spent the majority of this week nursing a poorly child and listening to Disney Channel. I’ve drunk far too much coffee, had little exercise and eaten pretty badly.

My patience was also tiring after I told a family member that she couldn’t go for tea.  For the family member to respond quite badly about how she had prepared and shopped for her tea.  Never mind how poorly the child has been. I then looked for support elsewhere which at times is a bad thing to do.  Sometimes we need support not advice. We are merely wanting to have a good vent.  Having a good vent clears our head and puts things into perspective.  By the time we’ve vented we’ve found half a solution. If my little tiff wasn’t bad enough my son then decided to play up about going to school.  It seems sometimes that parenting is banging ones head against the wall. I am actually desperate to get back to work. There is only so much of the four walls that I can possibly look at.

On the positive side, my car is back up and running and today I’ve had my phone upgraded.  The daughter still poorly but I’ve managed to get quite a lot of writing done. If she is well by the weekend then I think that it is fair to say that a day out in the fresh air is much-needed.