5196BV5PG9L  It was a beautiful sunny day and my spirits were high however very quickly it became apparent that it was going to be one of those days!!!

My car is currently off the road and I’m waiting for it to be collected and fixed.  To not be deterred I decided no problem, it’ll be a taxi to work. However, I forgot to charge my phone and my phone is on the blink.  I’m getting a new one on Thursday.  I waited patiently for it to buzz that it had some life to it but nope… it was like when you watch a pan of water – it never boils. Time was ticking and my brain started racing frantically.  I needed to get my son to school and I needed to get to work.  Work is good to me so I really don’t like to let them down.  I quickly got onto facebook to see who was up and awake and who could phone for a taxi for me.  My sister very kindly did so.  I got to work half an hour late, made my apologies and settled into my job role.  Then… Boom… Two hours into my job role… the phone rang, it was my daughter’s school.  She was poorly.  It isn’t my daughters nature.  She’s a happy and smiley child who adores school.  They tried contacting somebody else on the contact list but no answer so I had to make my excuses to my boss.  I felt a little guilty, the guilt that working parents face.  Late and having to be excused both in one day! And I couldn’t help but think how I’d paid for a taxi and would have to pay for another plus make the time up at work later on in the week.  But I picked my pasty-faced child up, picked up some medicine and brought her home to look after her.

Luckily I’m quite organised in the sense that I had the boys tea pretty much in order in between bucket runs for my daughters sickness.  She put herself to bed then came down screeching.  There was a spider in her bedroom.  The spider was enormous and I’m not particularly a fan myself.  But I struggled with a glass and a piece of paper to get that spider.  She still insisted on not going to her bed again until I’d hoovered her room thoroughly.

It’s never nice when your child is poorly so I know that I won’t get much sleep tonight.  But our little ones are precious and need to be looked after.  As I tucked her into her bed tonight I thought how it wasn’t apt to be singing Incy Wincy Spider.  Mum’s do have the best jobs but also the juggling act.