The difference a day makes to the Great British weather! For me, I like the diversity.  It keeps us on our toes.  We don’t know what it coming next so we get a surprise and have to adapt what we do.  However, I would certainly not have said yes to a few more days of glorious sunshine that we’ve been lucky enough to have in April. I’m certainly getting a bit of colour back and feeling brighter in spirits.

Today has been a different story.  Very breezy.  I’m trapped in the village at the moment due to my car having to have work done to it.  Sure I can get a bus but with a family shop to do I did not fancy popping into town on a bus to lug bags of shopping back.  This is the year 2015 times have moved on from the generations before us.  We are lucky, we have the internet and home shopping delivery.  I chose Tesco.  I enjoy shopping and hunting out offers but still… Having my shopping delivered to my door for 10am this morning is a welcome break and Tesco do have their offers, the benefit of shopping on their website is that all of the offers are shown.  You do not have to pay full price for anything.  I needed washing powder this week and any family knows that the week that you need washing powder is the week that your shopping allowance increases.  Thankfully Tesco had an offer on their wash powder:


A box of 45 washes of Surf washing powder £5.  I chose the Lavender scent because the sunshine from yesterday made me feel so summery and relaxed.  To compliment the washing powder I chose Tesco own brand conditioner – they have a promotion at the moment 2 for £2.50.

As a family my washing machine is on constantly so I put both to use and set work on washing the bedding and my daughters ‘Pinky’ her life long friend teddy bear. I’m not sure how long the washing will dry on the line before those rain clouds splash rain over the village.  But I live on top of a hill and when its windy it’s windy therefore I’m taking my chances.


I know that she’ll enjoy sleeping on those sweet, fresh scented village air-dried sheets cuddling her clean ‘Pinky’ teddy bear.  This week, this mum chose Tesco to help me with my washing pile.