10672304_10153328916699248_7589422485053729869_nCook books often sit on my kitchen sideboard gathering dust.  I love buying them because I love flicking through them to gain inspiration but then that is normally as far as it goes.  However, I have a new cook book ‘Mug cakes’ showing how to bake cake in a mug, in a microwave in five minutes.  I don’t think this book will be gathering dust because my children adore it.  Furthermore it’s something that they can use themselves and when they next complain that they are bored it is something that I can suggest that they go and do.

It didn’t take much to persuade my fifteen year old son to help his ten year old sister to prepare a mug cake.  Teenagers often need a bit of encouragement to get away from the computer but I think that he liked the fact that it was something that he could make within minutes, with minimal effort.  I liked the fact that I could praise him for doing something with his sister.  Children and teenagers like praise.  I think my daughter liked the fact that she could have her sweet tooth satisfied.

The hardcover book by Lene Knudsen can be bought from Amazon for just £6.39.  Or the second hand option for £1.46 (minus delivery charge).

mug-cakes-recipe-book-by-lene-knudsen-p3753-5635_image  My daughter wrote out a recipe list from the book of ingredients that I would need to buy and keep in the store cupboard.  Then with over 30 recipes it was difficult for my children to decide which one to attempt first.  They attempted the coconut mug cake with chocolate sauce.  As they participated in the teamwork I pottered around the house and completely left them to it.  The ingredients and measurements were straight forward.  My son is a mathematician and I smiled to myself as I thought how he’d probably work everything out to the exact smidgen of flour.  If anybody can measure with perfection it is him!!!

However, we are not big on microwave use.  I only really use it for making scrambled eggs.  So I waited with baited breath and crossed my fingers hoping that my children would get their tasty treat and that all would work out fine.  It did.  They both got a filling mug cake, prepared and baked in five minutes.

The book was worth it’s money and we will be attempting more.  An excellent buy to bake something quickly to satisfy a young child, to encourage a teenager or for a single person wanting to bake a quick pudding for one.