10730943_10153300392934248_5171385104675808970_nMy first attempt at fake eyelashes… Yes I will wear them again…

A few years ago we saw the reinvention of the fake eyelash. I was dubious about them. For me, the thought conjured up drag queens and glamour models. I dismissed fake profusely imagining hours of frustration trying to get them to glue properly and fit right. Then imagined how after all of that effort that they would probably end up half hanging off and how I might not realise if they did so.

That was until I started this blog and a friend of mine told me about eyelashes being sold inHome Bargain. Then while shopping in Home Bargains I came across them. They looked dainty enough. I stood in the shop for ten minutes wondering whether they would be too delicate and fiddly to apply. I’m certainly not a make-up expert but I’ve always enjoyed playing around with eyeshadow, eyeliners and mascara. I took the plunge and decided they would be fun just to try at home.


At just £1.50 for two pairs they are a bargain night out must have. I’m not rushing to go out to have my eyelashes lengthened for everyday but for my occasional night out. They are something I will consider.

They come with a little tube of glue that is applied with a cotton-bud. The part of applying that I thought was going to be difficult was not difficult at all. I managed to apply them in place on the first attempt and… THEY STUCK IN PLACE ALL NIGHT! I am very pleased with the purchase and for a beginner at the false eyelash I was pleased with the result as I don’t think that they look like a drag queen at all.

I applied my eye make up, put the glue, positioned them in place… touched up with a bit of mascara and they were done… So easy and just 75p a set. Thank you Home Bargain – great product.

Before pic