I’ve written two Nanowrimo novels. That means that I have two 50k novels sat on my laptop. One was a true to life novel that I will never publish. It was therapy in a sense. I was able to get lots off my chest in a fictional novel. I may look back over it fondly because I wrote it during a time when my health was poor and I was trying to get my home in order after a turbulent few years. Writing that novel gave me hope and helped me to just do what I enjoy doing. Which is to express myself. I believe in self-expression. Not for attention but because it enables us to get plenty of what is stored inside out. It helps us to move on from bad or exciting experiences.

My second Nanowrimo novel is something that I would love to work on further. It’s a children’s novel based on Genie’s. It’s fun to think that I created a new world inside of myself. I completed this novel to challenge just after finishing my Open University Literature degree.

Nanowrimo is brilliant. It gives us the challenge and the push that we need to get the words out and create. I believe in it fully and think that it is a good place to start. It also gives us the necessary experience in writing a longer piece. The end result is a marvellous feeling. Writing those 1600+ words a day to timescale proves that we can do it.

However, now that I have written two – I now have my proof. Now that my studying is finished. Now that my home is settled for my family and I’ve engineered my work to suit my life. Nanowrimo is not something that I wish to participate in this year. Why? Because I intend to just write throughout the entire year rather than just in November.

I have had an inner writing dream for as long as I’ve lived. I wrote novels and stories as a child and it continued. It has been a life-long passion. But my external forces have been battling strongly against those inner forces. For me this is the year that the inner forces beat the external forces. Decisions have to be made at times about what we really want out of life. For me in the short-term I want to write articles, my blog and short stories. In the long-term I want to work on the novel. I’ve reached a point where the only person holding me back is myself.

So thank you Nanowrimo, you’ve given me valuable lessons. But now is the time to work on my goal for twelve months of the year.

I will be working on this blog particularly the marketing of it and I do need to sort out the structure and some photographs. But If I wrote 50k words in a month twice. It will be done.