1536667_10153269194654248_8863465404850087965_nLife’s simple pleasures give great joy… Mums night in with best buys…

It’s Wednesday night, two of my children are away and the third will be home in approximately an hours’ time. I finished work at 12.30 and have therefore been enjoying a little bit of a free afternoon. Well if you can call putting washing on the line, loading the dishwasher, wiping the sides down, picking up dirty laundry free time. But it’s nice to have that free time to do those jobs without interruption and also to see the results before more chaos resumes. I did however manage a little bit of time for some retail therapy.

Today I scoured around Home Bargains.


Finding a sour cream Hip Dip – 0.59p to compliment Hip sundried tomato bruschetta bread dippers – 0.49p

I was a bit peckish while unpacking my shopping that I needed to start on them fast. Before boiling my Spinach stuffed Tortelloni – 0.65p and mixing in Tomato and Herb Pasta sauce – £0.69


I threw in some mixed vegetables.  As  I was dining for one I only needed to use half of the sauce and pasta and the meal did only take five minutes to cook.  Plus they do say that frozen vegetables are as good for you.  I don’t like to get too hung up about food.  We need to eat, we need nutrition but there are times when we need time especially when we are busy. Or in my case, eager to have some free time.

Tonight I will be spending my free time dying my hair with Clairol Nice’ n easy shade 6N Natural Lighter Brown – promising me rich tones and contouring highlights. But I always suggest when going for a brown home hair dye that you do opt for the shade lighter because they generally show up a shade darker!  I enjoy having my hair coloured and will regularly go between blonde and brown.  I’ll use brown shades at home but never blonde.

I will also be using the Tea Tree wipes – 2pks for 0.79 (I bought these mainly for my teenage son) and steaming my face, using ordinary sugar to exfoliate – it’s resourceful, there is no need to buy expensive exfoliators.  Sugar is just as good.  Then putting on a chocolate mud mask (3 for £2) to soften the skin.  I enjoy doing this at least once a week and before bedtime is always better.  It gives the chance for the skin to begin regenerating.

And to nourish my skin I will be using Bio Oil – £4.99 just because it’s lovely.

I may play around with some false eyelashes that I’ve bought 2 pks for £1.59… Cheap and cheerful, they don’t look like the drag queen style and they can be blended with normal mascarra.  I shall give them a whirl.  Who knows they might be my new thing for a night out.

To keep me company because I know that my son won’t.  He’ll be too busy producing graphics.  I have actually bought Paddington – the old retro version £2.99.  The version that I would have watched when I was younger.  This comes after I watched Paddington the Movie the other day.  I’ve always adored Paddington and tonight as it’s my night I feel like releasing the inner child.  Tonight the children are not home so I can be the child and eat chocolate cake with squirty cream.  It really is the simple pleasures.  Happy playtime.