The cupboards are bare except for a few dried raisins and a splodge of old leaked honey.  The fridge is full of… nothing except a drop of old dried milk!  The cleaning cupboard is looking sparse and you have zapped as much out of your toilet cleaner and bathroom spray that you can.  It’s arrived.  The dreaded food shop.  Children to feed and home hygiene to take care of *groan* somebody has to do it!  And when you are a single parent… Guess who it comes down to… You got it!  It’s down to the only grown up in the house.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the food/home shop when I finally get there. Finding that parking space, making sure I have one pound for the trolley, fighting my way around with a trolley that gets heavier and heavier is all ok.  It’s just I have a habit of wanting everything that the shop can offer.  That is why I do enjoy an Aldi shop once in a while.  I can fill my shopping trolley up with practically everything I want, fill the entire conveyor at the till, buy extras and still be astounded at what I spend. Which is why when the cupboards are bare in every direction I choose Aldi.

This week I stocked up in all directions and sneaked a few extras in the trolley and here they are:

I’m into gardening at the moment with my daughter.  We have started on some vegetables and to add further to what we are growing I picked up a cucumber set containing the pot, the seeds and compost – all supplied and therefore a fun and easy project.


Six Strawberry plants for £2.99 – just need to find a planter.


My daughter has a habit of pinching my cosmetics, she is often blatant about this.  I’ve bought a set of three cosmetic bags £4.99.


A Remington hair-dryer with diffuser £15.99.


And as a mum I like to find easy and fun ways to entertain my daughter.I bought a silicone butterfly cake baking tin £1.49.


Two cake mixes that you just add water and vegetable oil.  Excellent for when time is limited.  Less mess, cheap, fun and produces nice and fresh cake.