11070631_10153225009924248_7482112783156491200_nI was taken out for a fancy meal by my super boyfriend last night. We don’t go out that often on our own so I wanted to make a bit of an effort. I have lots of dresses, plenty of shoes but I am a typical female in the sense that I still wanted something new…

Somehow my instincts guided me to Dorothy Perkins and what good instincts I have, there were so many beautiful clothes and shoes. However, I do have an ounce of sensibility, it is part of learning lessons and being a single mum. But I did buy a beautiful oversized clutch bag. I’ve wanted one for such a long time and it was on offer. Down from £10 to £7.

A pair of earrings just because… they always make an old outfit feel like new. £6.


And my tights because Dorothy Perkins tights are excellent quality for the price. 2 pairs for £4.

However, I missed a trick. I signed up my email address with them which meant a further 25% off. If I hadn’t have been rushing with time. Who knows I might have splurged further.

Dorothy Perkins at the moment are definitely worth the visit for a bargain.

Anybody that knows me, knows that I am like a magpie. On my way out of Dorothy Perkins a makeup shop caught my eye. I have hazel eyes and dark hair so I like to experiment with colourful make up even around the eyes. I find green or blue with red lipstick makes a dramatic look when applied properly especially when wearing a dark outfit choice. As I said in previous blog, I love colour, it’s uplifting. I bought a fabulous Emerald Green Rimmel eyeliner for £3.99


But here is what I consider to be my biggest best buy not because it’s cheap as the makeup shop we were in is expensive but sometimes time is limited. Leighton Denny nail varnish at £11 it won’t break the bank and it is worth paying that pound or two extra than some of the other brands. I was first introduced to it last month when I bought an electric blue shade. It’s shiny and stays on longer than many others I know. I opted for jailbird a similar colour to the eyeliner.

So they are my fashion best buys for this month. Keeping it simple, having a few treats without breaking the bank…