For a while it seemed to be that interior décor was more neutral surroundings with natural wood furniture. Looking back I think that sort of décor is helpful to those with busy lives. They want to come home and wind down in a relaxing atmosphere. It was also an expensive look that coincided with get into debt Britain, the banks were lending, and we could have as much luxury as we wanted. However, a few years ago, when the economic climate struggled and many found themselves in debt with less surplus money than before. Much to my relief and for those on tight budgets we saw the introduction of DIY and Home Shabby Chic. I’ve posted a previous blog on my budget fruit crate shelves so please feel free to go and take a look at them. This new/old look saw many of us, myself included buying more paint and concentrating on colour in our houses. Rather than cheering ourselves up with expense we were doing it on a shoe string. If I’m honest it’s a satisfying way to live. It made me also think how perhaps it is a little bit boring sticking to cream and neutral when there are so many much more interesting colours out there. I’m sure that you will agree with my new bathroom towels. Who can’t help but be cheered up by a colour that reminds us of the Greek sea?

Bath Mat = £9.00

Bath Sheet = £6.00

Bath Towel =£4.00

Hand Towel = £3.00

Face cloths = £1.00

All bought from Asda. They are soft and excellent quality for the price.


To cheer the bathroom up a little bit more and to add character – a little plant in an owl pot to compliment the towels at just £2.50.

And something to use in the bathroom:


Max White One Colgate toothpaste – promising teeth one shade lighter in one week! We all want that bright smile – £2.00.

And to keep me and my complexion refreshed ready for going out tomorrow night. Hot Spring Sauna facemask, at just £1.00 busy mums can afford to pamper themselves.


For the first time in my life, I’m looking forward to cleaning the bathroom! And I’m looking forward to getting ready in my new colourful bathroom tomorrow night – I’ll be getting ready to go out for a fancy meal in a lovely Hotel.  I’ll keep you posted on tomorrow nights, beauty regime.