When I started to blog I had a vision that I would be sat at a computer happily tapping away at the keys like I do on facebook.  Facebook is easy, I’m well practised, know what I’m doing and I have my audience who are my friends.  It has been satisfying to my needs.  However, as somebody who has a writing history:

  • Published articles
  • Content writing for businesses
  • A diploma in Creative Writing
  • An Honours degree in English Literature
  • And I’m a founder of a Creative Writing Group – Busy Scribbling
  • I’ve completed two Nanowrimo novel challenges

I feel the need to move into the modern era with blogging… However, I’m ashamed to admit, I’m a bit old skool even though I’m still only 37.  It’s not that I don’t understand technology it’s just it has rapidly progressed since I first started to write and I’ve been concentrating mostly on studying, working (not full-time but definitely more hours than part-time) and raising a family.  But the time has arrived that I’ve realised I don’t want to be left behind.  I want to move and expand into this technological era.  I have attempted to blog in the past.  It was a site that you earned pennies and I mean pennies for the viewers that you got.  It was fun but I’m ashamed to admit that my very first blog was about somebody drinking their own pee.  A lot has happened since those days, I’ve grown up (slightly), lived a little and have a lot to share. For this reason I decided that I wanted to split my blog into numerous categories.  I’m the sort of person who has a lot going on in her life.


I’d worked out how to create the pages but I couldn’t work out how to add blogs to the different pages.  It took me two hours and a lot of tantrums.  I suppose nobody knows what they don’t know and we all have to learn.  I looked aghast at the word slug, I like gardening so the only slugs I know are the slimy type that live in the garden.

This level of technological ignorance needs to be rectified quickly and I have therefore enrolled on a Social Media course for enlightenment.  I like everybody else that likes to write would like to write for an audience and that means learning a little bit more. I have the skill, I have the imagination, it’s time to do something about what I don’t know.

Writing is progress and it’s a craft that can be learned so I take the challenge to expand this craft and learn Social Media.  Any tips are welcome or in time… You never know, you might learn something from me.

Learning doesn’t stop at what you already know.